Film Sound Design: Top 7 Movies with Killer Sound

Within all movies, a great deal of skill, technique, and work go into designing optimal sound. While most movies pay close mind to their sound production, some movies simply have it perfectly dialed in. With sound playing such an important and engaging role in film, sound design truly can make or a break a movie. In short, incredible film sound design is never easy to accomplish, but when it is, the results leave a lasting impression. With this, we thought we’d assemble a list of the top movies with killer sound, comprised of instant classics and box-office hits. Take a look with Creative Media Design in New York City.

7 Movies with the Best Sound Design

There are a few defining aspects as to what constitutes great film sound design. As far as the movies listed below go, they’ve all been deemed the best movies to test your surround sound with. While this may not be the best factor in determining a film’s quality of sound design, a movie’s surround sound rating is still quite telling. In essence, the sound in these movies to follow keeps viewers on the edge of their seats and even places them right in the middle of any given climactic scene. Ultimately, you can be the judge of that. Now, let’s take a look at seven movies with killer sound across the board:

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey: Moving the story along with incredible sound, 2001: A Space Odyssey nailed it on both sound design and film score. In fact, less than half the movie includes dialogue, relying on the effects and music.

  • Star Trek: Featuring sound-design genius Ben Burtt of Star Wars, worked hard on the details of Star Trek’s sound. From the buttons of the Starship Enterprise to the perfect background sounds, the sound in this film is grade A.

  • Jurassic Park: While some scenes stand out more than others, such as the stampede or loud roar of the T-Rex, the sound in Jurassic Park, and the film itself, will always remain a classic. Pay close attention to the yell of the Velociraptors!

  • Saving Private Ryan: Achieving stunning reviews for its realistic battle scenes and taking home an Oscar for both Best Sound and Best Sound Effects Editing, Saving Private Ryan pulls you into each scene with stunning sound design.

  • Wall-E: Coming from the masterminds of Pixar, Wall-E displays the perfect sound alongside a great soundtrack and graphics. More specifically, the movie’s use of surround sound is nothing short of amazing. Simple TV speakers just won’t do this one any justice.

  • Dark Knight: Considered one of the best in film sound design, especially for those with surround sound, The Dark Knight delivers on all levels—or should we say decibels? The movie’s sound is so seamless, in fact, many viewers tend to not even pay it any mind. Now that’s perfect film sound design.

Need Professional Sound Design for Your Own Film?

Well, there you have it: a list of the top seven movies that absolutely nailed it on sound design. While there’s plenty of movies that could make such a list, those included above not only boast incredible sound, but utilize sound to move the story along seamlessly. Whether you’re talking a cute animated film like Wall-E or one loaded with impactful scenes, these movies delivered 100%.

If you’re seeking incredible sound design for a film or project of your own, Creative Media Design in NYC can be of great assistance. For more information on our audio services, contact us here or give us a call at 212.213.9420.

Voice Over Submissions: Where Should You Live?

As far as voice acting goes, there’re a few questions aspiring voice actors often ask. From what equipment to use to what to include on your demo, the questions surrounding the initial steps of voice over submissions are seemingly endless. One question that often stands out, however, is where is the best place to live for voice over submissions. While there’s no plain answer, some cities may yield better results than others. Not only that, but some jobs may even allow you to work from home, but we’ll address that later.

Located in a hot spot for voice over work and other media projects, Creative Media Design in NYC works with countless brands and voice over talents to help them achieve each of their goals: quality narration and voice work, respectively. Though we do most of our business here in the Big Apple, we actually work with a variety of talent and brands across the country. Having said that, let’s take a look at the best cities for voice over submissions in North America.

Top 5 Cities for Voice Over Submissions

While plenty of voice actors manage to find work from their own home studios, it still pays off to live in a city where the voice over industry is thriving. You see, many production companies would rather have all the voice over work recorded in one studio to ensure consistent sound throughout. In short, many voice over studios are found near production studios. With this, you may consider the move to one of the cities to follow, however, you must remember this is a competitive industry and simply living in a thriving city won’t result in VO jobs piling up. Regardless, take a look at the top cities for voice over submissions below:

  • Los Angeles: When it comes to voice over for the entertainment industry, LA is the mecca. While movies, TV shows, and video games will be your best bet, the city really has jobs in every discipline. However, the competition is just as thick as the job selection.

  • Vancouver: To cut production costs, many companies take their work to Vancouver. This has made the city a great place for VO gigs.

  • Dallas: The Lone Star state has long been the place for animation voice over work, namely Houston and Dallas. In more recent years, most of the work has transitioned into Dallas, making it the best place around for animation voice over.

  • New York City: Of course, New York City boasts plenty of opportunity for the aspiring voice actor. Due to the prominence of theatre here, many actors end up finding voice over work after spending time in theatre. Still, NYC is a great place for voice over submissions in general. Plus, CMD is here!

  • San Francisco: For the most part, San Francisco’s voice over industry is focused heavily on industrials, video games, and commercials, considering the city’s proximity to Silicon Valley and Los Angeles.

What About ISDN and Source Connect?

As mentioned, not all successful voice actors need to live in a big city to land great jobs. Through the use of their own home studio and either ISDN or Source Connect, plenty of actors are able to make a decent living from the comfort of their home. While this can be ideal, the initial costs of a recording studio can be hefty. And, like we said before, many production companies will prefer to have their voice actors record in one place to ensure consistency. In essence, it all really comes down to the path you’d like to take. For films and TV shows, you’ll probably need to be in the studio. For narration and similar disciplines, a home studio may suffice.

Submit Your Voice to CMD

If you think you’ve got what it takes to become a voice actor, or you’re already there, you can try your luck with us here at CMD. While we boast a state-of-the-art recording studio in the heart of NYC, we can also work via ISDN and Source Connect.

If you’re looking for VO work, consider filling out our new talent form. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to give us a call at 212.213.9420.

Film Audio Post Production: How Does it Work?

When it comes to film, audio post production editors are unsung heroes. Their work is present everywhere, yet they hardly get credit for the work they do: to take a film from good to great. It’s actors, screenwriters and directors seem to get all the acclaim. So, naturally, we wanted to take some time to highlight what it is that these post audio production editors really do, and how their work is fundamental in the world of film.

Creative Media Design is proud to provide audio post production services to clients everywhere. We recognize that audio is one of the most important aspects of any production, and as such, we’re driven by quality. Regardless of your project, our expertise in all things audio can take your production to the next level! Before calling us for our post audio production service, keep reading to learn more about how audio post production works in film.

Film Audio Post Production: The Basics

In film, unlike your typical in-home camcorder, video and audio are recorded separately. While a camera is running, there might be a boom mic above an actor recording their voice separately, or perhaps a small microphone hidden in their clothes. Then you have sound effects, background noise, and music, which are all added into film during post-production. Audio post production editors can begin working on these sounds once a “locked cut” of a film is completed, meaning that all the takes from the film are finished to standard.

Professional audio post production editors utilize advanced software with versatile control panels, which allows them to edit more precisely and thoroughly. In the digital age, these editors can handle an unlimited amount of separate tracks at a time. Not to mention, they get access to some awesome tools, like tracking the audio at hand to a built-in video feed, so they can time effects perfectly. Or software that allows them to clean up audio and add filters as needed.

What is THX?

Developed by George Lucas, THX is a standard set to ensure that film sounds the same in theaters as it does in a studio. Sound stages and theaters can become THX “certified”, which means they’re able to match studio sound. This has been hugely beneficial to post production sound editors, as they don’t have to guess whether or not their studio edits will translate well into theaters.

Audio Post Production With Creative Media Design!

Ready to take your post audio production to the next level? Look no further than Creative Media Design. Regardless of where you’re located, we’re happy to help. You can contact us here, or give our New York City studio a call at 212.213.9420 to get set up with an audio producer or voice over talent today!

ISDN or Source-Connect?

For decades ISDN has been the industry standard for the digital transmission of audio. The technology provides a reliable means to disseminate high-quality audio without having to physically mail CDs or data drives. More recently, however, people have been moving towards a software based audio codec called Source-Connect.

Creative Media Design is proud to use both ISDN and Source-Connect, allowing us to receive audio at broadcast quality. We connect with remote talent worldwide to bring in a wide range of voices, be it for voice over recording, foreign language dubbing, audio editing or our other common projects. Keep reading to learn more about the differences between ISDN and Source-Connect.

What is ISDN?

Integrated Services for Digital Network (ISDN) is a platform that has existed since the mid 1980s. It’s a system of digital telephone connections that enables remote recording studios to send superior quality audio worldwide. Once connected through ISDN, you can hear a voice over or audio recording remotely in real time. This makes ISDN voice over an effective means for recording and sharing voice talent without losing audio quality. 

There’s a reason that ISDN has been the industry standard since the 1980s: the technology is sound and the quality of audio transmission is practically unbeatable. That being said, newer styles of this technology are arising, like Source-Connect, that can give ISDN a run for its money.

What are the Advantages of Source-Connect?

One of the biggest advantages of Source-Connect is its ease of access. ISDN comes at a steep cost, upwards of $2,000 for the transceiver unit alone. So for remote, small-time voice over artists, the cost is substantial. Then there is the fact that ISDN is complicated to use. It takes some advanced training to understand how to utilize ISDN technology and all its implements.

Source-Connect is an IP-based codec that is proving to be a strong alternative to ISDN. Thus allowing more remote talent to disseminate their work without sacrificing any sound quality. It uses UDP (User Datagram Protocol) to digitally transmit audio back and forth between connected studios. There’s even companies out there nowadays that can bridge ISDN and Source-Connect, so that neither technology needs to be mutually exclusive.

Overall, Source-Connect is a viable alternative for remote audio transmission that delivers digital sound quality comparable to that of ISDN. Although, don’t expect ISDN to go away anytime soon. It’s still the go-to technology in the industry!

Record With Creative Media Design!

Creative Media Design utilizes both ISDN and Source-Connect to connect with talent and clients all over the world. Ready to record with us? Come and hang out in our studios, or connect with us from virtually anywhere—whether you’re in Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, or any other location!

How Can Your Kid Get Into Voice Overs?

Is your child charismatic and energetic? Are they interested in acting, public speaking or performing? If so, you might want to look into voice over talent jobs for your kid. There are plenty of voice over gigs out there for kids, and it can make for a fun and fruitful extra-curricular or summertime hobby. And, who knows, maybe it’s a chance for your child to start saving up for their first car.

Creative Media Design is proud to cast a diverse talent pool of both union and non-union voice actors. How diverse, you ask? We have a great deal of experience casting voices in over 80 languages and accents. That said, we are always seeking new and innovative voice over talent. Before contacting us or applying with our new talent form, learn more about how your kid can get into voice over acting.  

Voice Over Jobs for Kids

There is a lot of voice over work out there for kids. Finding talent in kids is not easy, so demand is high. It can be very challenging to find a kid who’s suited for voice over acting, and also has access to a remote professional studio. From commercials to cartoons, kids are in high demand when it comes to voice over talent.

You may have heard of adults doing voice over work for children in cartoons, like the famous case of Nancy Cartwright playing Bart Simpson in The Simpsons. But that takes serious talent. In many cases, the role of a child in cartoon voice acting is best played by a child. And, in many cases, kids can get paid more than adults for the same work.

How to Get Voice Over Jobs for Your Kid

If you and your kid are ready to jump into voice over acting, a good first step is to get enrolled in acting classes. Acting classes can help your child get into character when reading scripts for different gigs. Improv lessons can be especially useful for kids, as they’re more likely to be themselves in front of the mic.

The next step is to get a professional demo of your kid’s voice over acting. Demos are essential to procuring gigs, as it’s usually the first thing talent agents will listen to when going through a talent form. So having a professionally produced demo is a must.

From there, you can network online with voice over talent websites. Or you can seek the help of a professional talent agent who can find gigs for your child. Once your kid has secured a gig or two, it will get easier to find more voice over work. It can be very exciting and lucrative for your child to get into voice over acting!

Ready to Submit a Talent Form for Your Kid?

We are always seeking quality voice over talent of all ages. If you think your kid has what it takes to be a voice over actor, check here to see the kind of people we cast and the work that we do. If you’re interested in more information, you can contact us here.

Video Game Sound Design: What it Entails

You can’t deny the importance of quality sound design within any media production and, in video games, this is all the more true. Though it’s in many ways similar to that of TV and film, video game design possesses a few key differences. Recently, we discussed sound design in general: what it is, what’s good sound, and its importance. This week, let’s take a more behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to achieve the perfect sound in video games—there’s much more to consider than you might think.

Key Differences of Video Game Sound Design

Sound design, in general, requires skill, diligence, and creativity—there’s no doubt about it. But when it comes to video game sound design, as mentioned, additional factors need to be considered. Video games are an interactive medium. Those playing them become part of what they are seeing, and sound designers need to take this into account in the studio.

For instance, video games often require vast libraries of custom sound effects as a means to create a sense of reality within the game. You may think the same sound of a gun firing could be used across the board, but to get that sense of reality, the sounds need to vary. Think about it this way: in any game, the player will repeat certain actions throughout play, and if those sounds don’t vary, that repetition won’t seem real.

An In-Depth Look at Video Game Sound Design

Of course, creating different versions of every sound in a game would require far too much work and time. With this, video game sound design calls for a few tricks. Sound designers often use the same components and create different combinations to attain varying sounds. To get an idea of what else goes into video game sound design, take a look at the list of common practices below:

  • Sound designers will work with the animation team early on in production to better collaborate and bounce ideas and inspiration off each other.

  • While sound libraries provide a plethora of effects, unique sounds require creating and recording them on their own.

  • Sound designers must create multiple layers of sound to sync with the player’s game choices and movement. A few steps to the right in a game needs to sound different than walking another direction.

  • Video game sound design even needs to work in unison with background music, ensuring it fits within the game.

Video Game Sound Design: Reaching for Reality

In short, video game sound design is often aimed toward creating a sense of reality for the players. Sounds need to vary, sync with game movements, and provide a realistic feel. Next time you sit down to play your favorite game, take note of the various sounds and changes in such throughout game play.

To learn more about sound design, and even find sound design for your own production, check out Creative Media Design! We offer a variety of audio post production services for a range of disciplines. If you’d like to reach out to us, you can contact us here.

What Does it Take to Get Voice Talent Jobs?

With voice over technology where it’s at today, many voice over artists have the luxury of recording remotely from home. Whether it’s a full-time pursuit or just a way to make money on the side, many people find voice talent jobs to be very appealing for the versatility they allow. But while voice over jobs offer great flexibility and benefits, there’s also some things you need to know before you can jump into the industry and stay afloat.

Creative Media Design is proud to work with a diverse pool of voice actors, both union and nonunion, to deliver high quality audio projects to our clients. We cast international voice talent in over 80 languages and accents. Further, we are always seeking new and innovative voice over talent. Before contacting us or applying with our new talent form, learn more about what it takes to get voice talent jobs.

What you Need to Get Started

Whether you’re freelancing or seeking to work with an agent, the first thing you’ll need when applying for a voice over job is a demo. This should be a short audio clip that shows off your flexibility and dynamic range of abilities. Your demo should be recorded in high quality. If you don’t have a fairly high-quality home studio then we recommend you record somewhere professionally. While this will cost some money, it’ll also maximize your odds of getting jobs.

A common way in for voice talent jobs is through referrals. Make sure you’re networking with casting agents to open up more opportunities and get your demo out there. Before an agent decides to represent you they will want to hear a demo and get to know you better. It might look good to an agent if you’re actively involved in some form of acting, even if it’s just acting classes.

Every casting agent is different, and they all seek out talent in their own way. When you’re new to the scene, it’s important to stay patient and flexible in your approach. It’s not easy to impress an agent without a strong background in voice over acting. But if you present a strong demo and a willingness to thrive in the industry, you might be able to find your way in.

Do you Need a Special Voice to Get Voice Talent Jobs?

Many people believe that you need to have a unique and intriguing voice to get voice talent jobs. While uniqueness can certainly be advantageous, it’s a misconception that you can’t do voice over work with a normal voice. And on the other hand, a unique voice by itself isn’t enough to become a voice actor. It takes hard work and dedication, regardless of your voice!

Looking to Be Cast for a Voice Talent Job?

If you have what it takes to be a voice over actor, check here to see the kind of people we cast and the work that we do. If you’re interested in more information, you can contact us here.

Promo Voice Over: The Ideal Gig

In the world of voice overs, no two areas are alike. From audiobooks and podcasts to movie trailers and promos, the industry calls for a variety of voice talent. Some voice actors have the ability to work in a range of categories, while some are strictly well-versed in just a few areas. Of the opportunities available to voice actors, voicing promos for TV and radio broadcast is often the most sought-after.

What is it that makes promo voice over such a desirable job? What’s it take to get work in promo VO? The experts at Creative Media Design in NYC know the value of professional voice talent, and we’d love to share more about this interesting part of the VO industry. Take a look below to learn more about promo voice over and what makes it such a beneficial line of work.

What Does Promo Voice Over Entail?

From a voice actor’s standpoint, one major benefit of working with promos is the amount of work that tends to pile up. Often times, a TV network will utilize the same voice talent across their network. Whether it’s program intros, promos, or the stations own commercials, the VO role is typically filled by one actor.

Because TV networks create and maintain a certain tone and image, relying on one voice actor ensures the same tone throughout all productions. The ideal promo voice over talent will possess the skills to match the tone, pace, and attitude of any promo, which are most often created prior to recording the voice talent. In short, securing a promo voice over job can yield a great deal of steady work and, in today’s world, more and more of that can be recorded  in a professional home studio.

Of course, a TV network could employ multiple voice actors for promo purposes, depending on the tone they want for each program that they are promoting. Many promo voice actors even land gigs with multiple  networks  and companies, which is most likely due to their unique set of skills. You’ve probably heard the same voice across a variety of TV networks—so let’s take a look at the leaders of promo voice over.

The Best in Promo Voice Over

We’ve covered some of the greatest VO actors in a previous post, and some of those could have even made the list to follow, but we’ve kept it pertaining to the best in promo voice overs. If you watch TV, you’ve probably heard a number of these voices before, as each is quite prolific. Check out the list below:

  • Bill Ratner: Providing character voices and voice talent for promos, Bill Ratner has done movie trailers for the recent Ant-Man, Inside Out, Talladega Nights, and much more. He even does plenty of announcer work for numerous TV stations across the country.

  • Joe Cipriano: Getting his start in high school, Joe Cipriano has scored promo jobs with NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS. Cipriano continues to work as an on-air personality for a plethora of radio stations.

  • George DelHoyo: As a top voice over artist, especially in that of promos, George DelHoyo has voiced the trailers for dozens of silver-screen films, including Bee Movie, Garfield: The Movie, and Ice Age.

Find Promo Voice Over Talent with CMD

Becoming a promo voice over professional is no easy task. This kind of role takes years of experience, practice, and expertise. These highly sought-after roles are often filled with the best in the business, and you can hear their voices everywhere. From providing the perfect touch to an action-packed movie trailer to garnering attention around a new TV show, promo voice actors are a necessity.

If you’d like to find promo voice over talent for your own production, you can check out CMD’s talent page. You can also contact us here for questions and more information.