Our goal at CMD is to bring authenticity to your message with Voice + Sound. Our integrated audio post production services give you a way to cast, record, and mix all under one roof. Located in the Midtown South area of Manhattan, we offer exceptional voice talent, state-of-the-art recording studios, and an expert team to help you achieve the perfect sound for your production.




In 1998, we asked the question, ‘How can we provide our clients with an easier solution for voice over casting and audio services?’ Our answer was to establish Creative Media Design. We became one of the first audio houses to post talent demos on the web allowing clients to quickly access a large range of voice samples at their convenience.

We started with General Market and Urban voice categories, and expanded to Foreign Languages, Medical Narration, Animation as well as other niche groups. International voice over work rapidly became an area of expertise from casting talent to translating copy. Our foreign language voice actors and translators are native speakers who adapt and translate text consistent with the culture of their country. These vast talent resources allow us to take on complex multi-language projects on a daily basis.

Over the last decade, we’ve successfully developed our audio post production services to provide sound design and mixing for companies like NBC, Comedy Central, ESPN, Y&R, and Tag Worldwide. With this development, Creative Media Design has become one of the premiere audio studios offering casting, recording, and mixing as an integrated service.

Our next chapter is underway with an updated company name, a new logo, and the completion of a full-floor penthouse facility in Midtown South. CMD’s new home features custom-built studios with a central equipment room, kitchen, private client offices, oversized skylights, and lounge with spectacular views of the Empire State Building. Keep up with all our developments through photos and videos on our Social Media pages - we hope to see you soon!



Mike Zirinsky President/Owner

Mike Zirinsky

Fridrik Ingimundarson Executive Producer

Fridrik Ingimundarson
Executive Producer

Meagan Goodspeed Head Of Casting

Meagan Goodspeed
Head Of Casting

Alessandra Levy Producer

Alessandra Levy

Bob Kirschner Head Mixer/ Engineer

Bob Kirschner
Head Mixer/ Engineer

Rocco Vitolo Engineer

Rocco Vitolo

Jessica Schechter Business Development

Jessica Schechter
Business Development