Podcast Studio Recording


Podcasts are an industry-standard format for telling your audio story. In this tech-driven world where computers and mobile devices proliferate, podcasts have become a convenient and fun way for listeners to access a vast selection of audio content. More and more, individuals and organizations are creating and distributing podcast recordings to their customers and fan base. If you are considering creating and recording a podcast here is some information for you.

What Exactly Is A Podcast?

The term podcast covers a wide range of audio content. It is any type of audio file that users can stream or download; podcasts are typically distributed in a series (Season One, Episode One) or as an ongoing basis to subscribers who can get automatic downloads.

How Do I Create My Podcast?

Not sure how to create your podcast? Let the experienced CMD staff and producers help you create an effective and successful podcast here at our state-of-the-art podcast studios.

First, decide on the general format. Here are some common types:

  • Interview

  • Solo

  • Round Table

  • Audio Magazine


A good example is WTF with Marc Maron.

A host and a guest discuss ideas in a casual and spontaneous fashion. Typically only the questions are scripted and there may be some back and forth dialog - more than you’ll need in the final product - so be prepared for audio editing and clean up.


An example is The Blindboy Podcast.

The content can be comedy, poetry, storytelling...whatever you’re passionate about that can be recorded as audio. Be open to experimenting with music and sound effects. CMD can help provide you with elements from our massive sound effects and music library.

Round Table

Gaming Podcasts like Giant Bomb are a good example.

A host introduces a panel of industry-expert guests who discuss a particular topic. Here at CMD we can record you and your guests whether they attend the session in person or need to connect remotely. It is not uncommon to have a few people in the studio and to connect remotely to a few guests, while recording everyone at the same time. Be aware that the more people that are involved the more planning is necessary.

Audio Magazine

Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History is a great example. (He recorded much of Season 1 here at CMD.)

An audio magazine is the most creative form of podcast. It tells a story by combining audio narrative, music, sound effects, ambiences, found footage...pretty much any type of audio that can best relay your message. This format requires the most planning, and involves audio editing and audio mixing. So it will take more time, but in the end this is the ultimate in creative audio storytelling.

Things To Prepare

Podcasts have common elements that can be planned out in advance to help ensure a successful production:

  • Introduction - You can write a short script that we will record once and re-use as the introduction to all episodes of your podcast. This will add a strong consistent element and save studio time on future podcast recordings.

  • Music Theme - Many podcasts use a music bed, mixed in with the host, to open and close the recording. This can help to establish a signature for your podcast.

  • Segment Themes - If you have segments that recur in your podcast episodes, consider using a music, sound effect or ambient theme so listeners can get familiar with your story.

Things To Remember

  • The first time you record a podcast it will take time! Keep in mind this is a creative process, and allow extra time for your first episode. On a positive note, be aware that subsequent podcast productions will definitely go quicker - so don’t judge your entire season based on how long it takes to complete your first episode!

  • If you are technically adept, try recording a mock-up podcast at home. You can use free programs like Garage Band or Audacity to record and edit your audio and see how your ideas come together.

Here at CMD, we have experienced engineers & mixers, and the best microphones, preamps, consoles and plug-ins to ensure the highest quality recording, editing and mastering for your podcast recording. Call us at 212-213-9420 to discuss how we can help.