Here at Creative Media Design, we cast and record a broad range of voice over talent to be used in virtually any project. Whether you’re working on a TV commercial, film, or video game, we can supply your production with the perfect voice that matches both the project and brand. Within our voice over talent, we offer a great selection of foreign language voice over. As you can see here on our Armenian voice over talent page, we have a few options in both male and female voices. If you’re interested in using an Armenian voice for your project, you can listen to the demos provided below. Otherwise, be sure to check out everything else we have to offer.

If you’re having trouble determining what type of voice will best suit your production, CMD can help. We’ll work with you collaboratively to select an appropriate voice over talent, who we can then record in our New York City studio for quality sound. If you’d like some assistance or have any questions, give us a call at 212-213-9420.