What is audio post?
After the production is wrapped, the final step is post-production.  In audio post production we add all the audio components that complete your project.  This could include voice over, additional dialog, music, foley, and sound design.

What is a mix?
The audio mix is where your story comes to life by ensuring that each element is integrated, balanced properly and sounding great.  This is the culmination of your project.  The importance of a good mix should never be underestimated.  

What is sound design?
Sound design is the creation of the soundscape of your project.  It includes atmospheres, sound effects, and ambiences that form the sonic backdrop of your message.  

What is a licensed piece of music (a.k.a. production music)?
A pre-recorded music track that must be purchased for use.

What is original music?
A music track composed specifically for your project.

How does casting work at CMD?
Tell us about your project and we’ll send you a selection of our best talent to fit your needs.

If I have my own talent, can I book a studio to record?
Absolutely! We have two state of the art recording studios available.

Do you do podcast recording?
Yes! Our facility offers podcast recording in a variety of settings tailored to your needs.

Can I work remotely?
Yes, with Source Connect and ISDN, we connect to clients and talent all around the world.  

Do you only cast local talent?
We cast both locally and internationally.

Do you offer voice over classes?
Yes we do! The Voice Shop at CMD offers many comprehensive classes and private lessons for beginners and seasoned professionals.

Do you offer translation services?
We can fully translate copy in any language.  Our translators are native born to ensure authenticity and cultural accuracy.

Do you work with foreign clients?
We work with clients all around the globe.

What’s the difference between Union and Non-Union talent?
Union talent belong to an actor’s union named SAG-AFTRA. We cast both union and non-union jobs.

What do you consider external usage?
Anything that has paid advertising, that goes on network cable.  Anything that’s used for industrial purposes.  

If I am a voice over talent, how can I be considered for the roster?
You can fill out our New Talent Form.  Inquiries that are sent through e-mail will not be considered.  

How much will my project cost?
The pricing for any project is based on a variety of factors. Please give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss all the specifics of your project.