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At Creative Media Design, voice over is at the heart of our business. We cast and record a broad range of voice over talent, which we provide to our clients for use in virtually any type of project. However, we aren’t limited to providing professional voice over talent to our clients. We also seek to provide the necessary information to aspiring voice over artists. Through The Voice Shop At CMD, we offer a variety of classes geared toward both beginners and those with a little more experience in VO.

If you’re interested in becoming a voice over talent, and even in working with CMD, consider taking voice over classes with The Voice Shop. To gain more insight as to the classes we offer and how they can help, you can view the information provided below. Of course, you can also head over to the Voice Shop to find more information.

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Private Voice Over Lessons

Aside from those classes mentioned above, we also offer private, one-hour classes via Skype. Here, you can work face-to-face with a professional voice coach to prep for a potential session, improve specific skills, and get more advanced direction from the coach.

VO Workshop Webinars

Focused around marketing your brand and acquiring a thorough understanding of the voice over industry, our Workshop Webinars cover a range of disciplines. The two-hour webinars will cover the following:

  • Creating a website

  • Marketing your voice

  • Differences between Union and non-Union work

  • Etiquette for recording sessions

Finally, you can create your own voice over demo right here in our New York City recording studio. In creating your demo, you’ll have assistance in ensuring it highlights your strengths and focuses on your specific area of expertise. Within creating a demo with the Voice Shop, you’ll have two options:

  • Package A: Includes working with a voice coach and engineer, music & SFX, and language supervisor (if necessary). You can plan on the process taking about two hours.

  • Package B: Includes engineer experienced with commercial voice over. This package typically takes an hour to record the demo.


CMD’s Voice Shop: Types of Classes

As mentioned, classes at the Voice Shop aren’t only geared toward beginners, as we also offer classes for intermediates and voice over artists who’d like to build their brand and market themselves. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re ready to create your first demo, taking voice over classes can help. Take a look below for a rundown of each of our main classes.

Fundamentals of Voice Over

The Fundamentals of Voice Over is a five-hour course covering all aspects of voice over recording, including an overview of the industry, key voice over techniques, and finding your authentic voice. At the end of the class, you’ll sit down 1-on-1 with the voice coach for an evaluation. This class will help you establish your voice and determine where to go next in your voice over career.

Intermediate Essentials

Our next full class is better suited for those with more experience in voice over. A four-hour class, Intermediate Essentials focuses on more in-depth techniques, such as style and delivery, in addition to more workshop-type activities. For instance, you’ll participate by recording spots and listening to fellow classmates similarly refine their skills. The class also covers taking direction in sessions and focuses on the acting aspect of voice over.

Additional Classes from the Voice Shop

In addition to the classes and webinars listed above, the Voice Shop offers a range of more niche-specific classes. See the list below for the disciplines our other classes cover:

  • Getting Started in VO

  • Advanced VO Techniques

  • Masterclass for General Broadcast Work

  • The Business of Self-Employment as a VO Artist (online)

  • Masterclass for Stage Actors and Singers

  • Getting the Job: VO Audition Techniques (online)

  • How to Build Your Home studio (online)

Benefits of Voice Over Classes

While you can find plenty of voice over resources online to help you improve your skills and techniques, the information you’ll acquire from classes and professional coaches is invaluable. In sitting down with a coach, being evaluated, and working alongside other aspiring talents, you’ll gain far more insight into the industry, specific techniques, and more—all things you can’t find online.

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If you’re interested in becoming a voice over artist and would like to take classes to improve your skills and learn the industry, sign up for classes with The Voice Shop At CMD today. If you have any questions our would like to sign up for classes, you can contact us at 212-213-9487.