When it comes to video production, or any type of media production for that matter, sound is a crucial aspect. In short, a high-quality video deserves high-quality sound. And within sound, you have audio mixing. Audio mixing is an integral part of the post-production process, as it’s a means of ensuring each element of the recording possesses the perfect sound. So, if you’re creating, say, a video to represent your company, you’ll need to complement that video with perfect sound, which can’t be achieved without quality audio mixing.

Here at Creative Media Design in NYC, we know our way around audio post production and that, of course, includes audio mixing. With a state-of-the-art recording studio and an experienced engineer, we provide professional audio mixing for a broad range of productions. Take a moment to learn more on the importance of audio mixing, and how CMD can help you achieve the perfect mix for your brand’s next production.

What Does Audio Mixing Entail?

As defined, audio mixing is a process in which sounds are combined into channels. Here, dynamics, frequency, and other aspects are altered, and certain effects may be added to enhance the sound. While this could sound like some simple manipulation, the audio mixing process actually calls for tedious work. Audio mixing is used across a variety of industries too, such as film, TV, recorded music, and even live sound. All of which utilize the process to achieve an appealing sound for listeners.

Typically, audio mixing is the second step in the recording process, which is essentially the first step in audio post production. Most often, the sound engineer takes the recording and edits the recording to tune vocals, expel background noise, and ultimately remove any unwanted sounds. This is where mixing comes in: when each recording, or sound, is combined into channels and mixed to perfection. From here, the track is mastered and enhanced for the final product.

Importance and Benefits of Quality Audio Mixing

Like we said before, quality mixing is essential to the end product of your production. You may be unaware of the importance of great sound, as you won’t notice anything so long as the video and audio go well. When the sound is of poor quality, however, it’s instantly noticeable. This is what makes audio mixing such an integral part of the production process. Poor sound will distract viewers and/or listeners, and ultimately affect the quality (and reception) of the entire production.

When you do achieve quality sound through audio mixing, the results are quite pleasing. In addition to having a great production complemented with perfect sound, you’ll keep viewers and listeners intrigued. Also, that great sound will reflect your brand and help build reputation. Simply put, proper audio mixing will drive your production.  

In Need of Professional Audio Mixing? Call CMD!

As you can see, audio mixing is often a key factor in successful and appealing productions. With this, you’ll want to ensure your brand’s videos are of high quality, with sound to match. Because this is easier said than done, CMD provides professional audio mixing to ensure your next production performs its best.

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