Client & Content Services

There’s no denying the strength and necessity of quality audio within media production, which is why we specialize in achieving such at Creative Media Design. However, our services extend far past audio post production and voice overs. While this is our main focus at CMD, we also offer a few much-needed services for our valued clients: copywriting and editing, translation, and even client services!

So, whether you need help creating a powerful script, translating it to another language, or would simply like a hot coffee while in our suite, we can do that for you. To get a better idea of our client and content services, take a look below.

Content Services: Copywriting, Editing, and Translation

With a great voice talent and perfect sound comes the need for a well-written script, copy edited for smooth reading. It’s true: your production should be complemented with a great script that matches your brand’s image and projects your message clearly.

Fortunately, this is another area of expertise for CMD. We can assist you and your brand in writing a savvy script, that both fits your production and grabs the attention of your audience. To achieve this, we’ll sit down with you, discuss your needs and vision, collectively develop the perfect script, and copy edit it to ensure accuracy, tone, and more. We can even hand said script over to an appropriate voice talent and send them to the recording booth to supply your work with a quality voice over.

Even if your script needs translation, CMD has got you covered. We’ll translate your English copy into almost any foreign language—and putting it to video is a breeze! Considering our wide selection of foreign language VO talent, we can even provide you with a foreign language voice over! From the initial steps to the finished product, CMD can clearly help you every step of the way. And we’ll even ensure you’re comfortable throughout the entire process!

Client Services

We’ll say it again: our services extend beyond our voice over and audio post production work. Though we can work remotely with many of our clients, whether they’re located in Miami, Los Angeles or virtually any other city, we work with plenty of clients right here in NYC. When you’re here for the process, we’ll be sure to keep you comfortable while you work and wait for the finished product. Whether it’s just you or your colleagues, too, we can grab you a coffee or whatever you need. Simply put, we’ll be right there with you throughout the whole process.

Get Started with CMD Today

If you’re ready to get started on your next production, allow Creative Media Design to lend a professional hand. From our expert writers to our highly-experienced sound team, we have the skills and resources to provide your brand with the best audio. With our services, you can complement your strong script with quality audio.
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