Remote Audio Recording

Sometimes, it is possible to record the audio for your production in person. However, many times this is not an option. Luckily, there are a number of ways for you to record your audio offsite in a personal studio. Remote audio recording has become more prevalent and easier to perform in the digital age than it was in years past.

At Creative Media Design (CMD), we can help you attain the audio you need for your radio spot or T.V. promo. With our remote audio recording services, we can provide both national and international voice over work. All you need is a personal studio with professional equipment and an ISDN source connect and we can do the rest. In fact, we can help you write and copyedit your script, or add post production audio to your production.  

Radio Recording

Radio has long been one of the most effective forms of advertising. Radio spots have the ability to reach millions of Americans and are a great way to build brand awareness locally. While radio might lack the visual offering of television ads, it makes up for this with quality audio production.

One of the best parts about utilizing CMD’s radio production skills is remote audio recording. You don’t have to stop by our New York City studio to record your radio voice over with us. You can use a private studio anywhere in the country and we will be able to produce, mix, and add music to your radio advertisement with ease. In order to get your audio recording to our studio, you will need to use an ISDN or source connect.

ISDN and Source Connect

Remote audio recording would not be possible without either ISDN or source connect technologies. ISDN was the method of choice for years and was developed for high-speed internet connections using ISDN phone lines to transfer audio. It has been able to live on because of the ability to utilize b channels to increase speed and bandwidth. With this, ISDN Voice Over is easily achieved! In other words, we can record voice over talent through ISDN from virtually anywhere. 

As with any piece of technology, ISDN has slowly been phased out in favor of source connect. Source connect, unlike ISDN, uses a web-based interface to link computers in two separate locations together. This remote audio recording technology is the way voice overs and other studio productions will be performed in the near future as ISDN is being phased out. Luckily, CMD currently offers both ISDN and source connect technologies for our clients.

Remote Audio Recording from CMD

Remote audio recording is an exciting innovation in the voice over, radio advertisement, and T.V. promo industries. This allows our clients in Miami, Chicago, Houston, and anywhere else in the United States to utilize our high-quality services without having to visit our New York City studio.

If you are interested in our remote audio recording services, or any of the other services we offer here at CMD, you can contact us here or give us a call at 212.213.9420.