Voice Over Talent

At Creative Media Design in New York City, we specialize in a variety of audio services to help achieve the perfect sound for a range of media productions, from game audio voice over to VR audio and everything in between! Quite possibly our most popular, our voice over talent services are second to none, as we’ll cast and record the perfect talent for your production, and top it off with professional mixing. All the while, you can sit back and relax in our inviting studio lounge area as we work our magic.

Whether you need a foreign, narrative, urban or accent voice talent, we offer it all at CMD. Once you’ve selected the appropriate talent for your brand (we help with that), we’ll get them in the booth before mixing the final product. Take a look below to learn more about each of our voice over talent services.

Voice Over Talent: Casting for the Right Match

Voice over casting is our specialty here at CMD. We have a broad range of voice over talent, featuring artists for nearly every discipline. From a large variety of foreign languages, such as the Swedish accent or a Romanian voice over, to kids and even medical talent, we’re sure we have the perfect match for your brand’s image and needs. Simply put, we discover some of the best voice talent NYC has to offer and, when you work with us, you’ll reap the benefits of utilizing such strong and distinct voices. 

As mentioned, after we’ve collectively chosen a voice talent for your production, whether that be a commercial, video game, or animated film, we’ll get the talent in our booth for quality recording.

High-Quality Recording

We know audio is a key aspect of any media production, which is why we focus on providing your production with quality sound. Apart from helping you select the right voice over talent, our facility boasts a state-of-the-art recording studio, designed to attain flawless recordings.

So, when it comes time to record your selected voice over talent, we can guarantee high-quality sound, as our experienced staff uses the finest audio equipment to achieve the best sound possible.

Our work doesn’t end there, though. Within our voice over talent services, we also offer professional mixing—but it’s not limited to our voice over work. Regardless, we’ve got your covered.

Mixing for the Perfect Sound

Like we said, our services go beyond casting and recording. From voice over talent to original music, we offer professional mixing to ensure you boast incredible sound throughout your production. As far as mixing goes, we’ve worked with numerous big names throughout a variety of industries, providing mixes for television, radio, theatre, and more. No matter your audio needs, CMD has got you covered. Need a mix in stereo? We can do that! We can even mix in 5.1 surround sound! Take it from our work, we provide quality audio services for video games, virtual reality, and so much more!

Get Started with CMD Today!

If you’re ready to supply your production with top-notch sound, don’t hesitate to call Creative Media Design today. While we’re located in NYC, we can work with brands virtually anywhere to provide them with great voice talent, quality recording, and professional mixing.

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