What is Language Monitoring?

Marketing is always advancing in the way we advertise to people. Before, it used to be a straightforward process. You placed an ad in a magazine or placed a poster on a wall, and people would look at it and try it out. It was a simpler time, but it led to low awareness and profits. Now, business is done internationally, which means marketers and businesses need to adapt.

Sure, you can create a universal ad for all countries, but you’ll be left with little profit. Every country has different cultures and beliefs, and within those countries are smaller communities with their own sayings and ideals. For example, an ad for sunscreen in Huntington Beach, California, will be advertised differently in Detroit, Michigan. The same is done when a company tries to advertise in both the United States and internationally. In order for this to work, marketers incorporate the variety of skills they possess, such as transcreation and language monitoring.

Language Monitoring Helps Transcreation

When you market to different countries you need to be aware of both of their cultures and ideals. What drives a city in England might not give the same motivation to those in China. To work around this marketers use transcreators to aid in the creation of the ad. Incorporating their knowledge of both cultures, they will be able to create an advertisement specifically for that community.

Transcreation is translating not only the language being used, but the message itself. Translation is just translating the actual language, but transcreation translates the message to this new culture. For example, a car commercial wants to send a message saying their car will make you popular. So, saying, “your friends will be blown away from this bombshell of a car,” might be suitable in the US, but not Japan. To change, this they will possibly say “you will be the most talked about person in your friend group.” It’s the message being translated, not the actual language.

However, transcreation is just the first step. In order for the message to be read and heard clearly it needs to be done in the same way the community being represented will act. Language monitors will ensure the pitch, pauses and accent is as accurate to the district where it’s being shown. Without the language monitor, they can use the wrong accent or pronounce certain words incorrectly.

Were the advert to be shown in Madrid, Spain, but the accent be from Chihuahua, Mexico, you are guaranteed to anger not only the community being distorted, but most people in both countries. It’s important to use the right people for these type of situations, since they are not only representing your product, but how your company will be seen.

Using A Language Monitor

Marketers are always trying to improve the way we receive our content and how we perceive them. This is what makes language monitoring and transcreation so helpful. These are new techniques with plenty of power behind them. Creative Media Design (CMD) is one of these companies with the goal of improving your notoriety

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