Voice Over Artists: Casting & Recording

Here at Creative Media Design in NYC, voice over work remains at the heart of our business. We work with an extensive range of voice over artists, which we can cast and record right here in our studio for use in virtually any type of project. Working mostly with non-union voice over talent, we’ve helped countless brands and productions companies find the perfect voice for specific projects.

Whether it be foreign language, like Italian voice overs, accents, or narration voice talent, you can find an appropriate voice for your next project right here on our site. However, we can also work with you collaboratively to determine what type of voice is needed, then cast and record the talent accordingly. Take a closer look at the type of voice over artists we can provide below.

Our Voice Over Artists: Types of Talent

As alluded to above, you can find virtually any type of voice for your project with CMD. Moreover, any voice over talent you select can be recorded right here in our New York City studio by our head engineer. Have a look below for more information on our voice over talent.

Foreign Language Voice Over

From Mandarin and Cantonese to Italian and Russian, we can provide voice over talent for over 80 foreign languages. Not only that, but we can help you translate and adapt your script/copy for accuracy prior to recording the voice over artist in our studio. Featuring both male and female talent, there are plenty of options to find the most appropriate voice for your project. And, as with all of our available voice talent, you can listen to demos of each to ensure it’s the type of voice you’re looking for. Check out some of our most popular foreign language voice talent below:


Similar to that of our foreign language voice over artists, we can also provide talent with accents from a broad range of countries. Whether you seek an Asian accent, South African accent, or German, we can help. Of course, our list of accents goes on. Given that many languages have varying dialects, be sure to listen to each demo so you can find the exact voice you’re looking for (the same goes for foreign language). If you'd like to get an idea of our accents, check out the ones we've provided below:

Narration, Promo, & Commercial

Whether for a documentary, promo, or commercial, we offer a great selection of voice over talent for such. These types of voices are also perfect for trailers and radio spots, among other forms. Again, we can help you sift through the talent to find the fitting voice and tone, whether it be male, female, high, or low.

Video Games and Virtual Reality

Video games tend to require a different type of voice than most other projects, and virtual reality is no different. As with animation (which we also offer), the voice talent used must bring characters to life, but it also needs to fit the look and feel of the character, or their given personality. From casting the right voice to providing game audio, CMD can help you through the entire process.

Traditional Voice Over Artists

In addition to our more specific voice over talent, CMD can also provide more traditional voices, such as general market male and female voices, kids voices, urban tones, and more. Depending on the type of production you’re working on, you may find one of these voices is more suitable for your project. Regardless, our selection of voice over talent is unmatched, and our team of experts can assist you each step of the way, from casting and recording to mixing the final cut.

Find the Right VO Artist with CMD

If you’re seeking a voice over artist, be sure to check out the demos provided on each of our voice over talent pages. If you need help selecting the right voice, you can contact our team and we’ll help you select an appropriate talent. To get started, give us a call today at 212-213-9420.