When working on a project requiring voice over, the voice talent you select is crucial, as it becomes a key aspect of the entire production. For many projects, the voice over should represent your brand. In others, it may need to give a character personality, say, in a video game. Whatever the project is, you can find a range voice over talent right here with CMD in New York City. Within our options for voice over talent, we have a broad selection of accents. For instance, here on our Chinese accent page, you can see we have both male and female talent, with plenty of options for each. If you are interested in the Chinese accent, you can listen to the demos provided below.

If you're seeking something other than Chinese, be sure to view the other options we have for accents, foreign languages, and other disciplines. If you ever need assistance in finding and selecting a voice for your brand or project, you can contact our experts at 212-213-9420 for help.