Promo Voice Over for Your Chicago Business

In the world of voice over, numerous disciplines come into play: accents, foreign language, narrative, animation, and of course, promo voice over. The latter of which is often a sought after talent, for good reason too. As you may know, promo voice over talent is crucial for television, movie trailers, and any other promotional media production. While you can find countless candidates for your next promo productions, selecting a voice over talent who matches your brand’s image isn’t an easy task. Fortunately, Creative Media Design can help you cast and record the perfect promo voice over talent.

At CMD, we work with a range of voice talent to help brands add the right touch to their media productions. If you’re a Chicago-based company, no need to worry. While CMD is located in the heart of NYC, we can easily work with you remotely through ISDN or Source Connect to accomplish a common goal: supplying you with the right voice. To help our clients get a better understanding of promo voice over talent, we’ve compiled some helpful information often necessary in choosing voice talent. Let’s jump right in.

What Constitutes a Good Promo Voice Over?

Before you can begin your search for the perfect promo VO talent, it’s a good idea to understand exactly what constitutes a good promo VO. When searching for voice talent, in general, there are some key traits you should look for. Then, you can get into the specifics of casting for a promo VO. First, consider these must-have traits and credentials:

  • The talent should possess high-quality demo reels.

  • Ensure their resume shows versatility.

  • Do they speak in a fluid manner?

  • Check for references, and be sure the provided references are legit.

  • Look for enthusiasm and stamina. Some lines may call for multiple takes. Could the talent withstand this?

Of course, this is quite a generic list. When it comes to promo voice over, much more is involved in the selection process. Promo voice talents need to display clarity and flexibility, as you’ll probably want to do multiple recordings with different qualities and tones. So, what else comes into play in finding the perfect promo voice over talent in Chicago and other big cities?

Selecting the Right Promo Voice Over Talent

As mentioned, many factors need to be taken into consideration when selecting a voice over talent for your promo, whether it be a commercial or trailer. Though we can help you cast a VO talent, it’s always beneficial to know what to look for. This way, you can have more control in the selection process, which is especially beneficial if you’re working remotely, say, in Chicago!

Now that you’re aware of some key traits and abilities to look for in voice over talent, it’s time to discuss what you should know and consider in selecting the right promo voice over talent. Matching your prospective talent to your brand’s image is key, and you can do so by keeping the following tips and strategies in mind. Take a look below:

  • Seek a VO talent who can keep the content interesting. This doesn’t necessarily mean an interesting voice, but an attention-grabbing delivery. A believable tone is just one example.

  • We’ve said it before: ensure the talent maintains your brand’s image. What kind of tone matches your brand? Bright and friendly? Or exciting and entertaining?

  • For promo, the talent should possess a sense of omniscience in their speaking. They know the outcome, so they can help pique audience interest and keep them in suspense for the production you’re promoting.

  • Remember speaking skills are one thing, but the ability to act, change tone, and truly deliver the scripted words is another.

  • Of course, you can check out our promo voice over talent page for not only great examples, but also to use in your production!

Find the Perfect VO Talent with CMD

When it comes down to selecting promo VO talent, the main factor to consider is does it fit with your brand. Promos say a lot about not only the production, but the ones behind that production. In essence, your preference will really come into play, but you also need to ensure you’ve found professional talent who can get the job done.

If you need help casting and recording a promo voice over for your next production, be sure to contact CMD or give us a call at 212.213.9420. Whether you’re located in Chicago, Houston, or virtually  any other city, we can work with you! If you think you’ve got what it takes to be cast by CMD, fill out our talent submission form!