The Best Kids Voice Over Talent in Miami

Miami may be famous for its luxurious nightlife, but the city is also a haven for family-friendly entertainment. Southern Florida is home to some of the best beaches in America, and amusement parks and family fun centers are aplenty, as well. Not to mention Disney World and Universal Studios are a short 3-hour drive from Miami. This makes kids voice over talent a huge industry in Miami and the rest of the Florida area.

While Creative Media Design is located in New York City, many companies and businesses in Miami have utilized our services. We have a wide selection of kids voice over talent that is quite popular among the businesses in the Sunshine State.

Before you call to get started, check out our kids voice over talent and let our expert staff fill you in on the benefits it can bring to your Miami business.

Kids Voice Voice Talent

Just like with any other type of voice over, kids voice over talent requires a certain skill set. This can be more challenging with younger talent, but when a kid has a voice that is capable of this type of work, you know you have found someone extraordinary.

When looking for a kids voice over talent, here are a few things to look for:

  • Fluency: One of the main struggles with finding a quality kids voice over talent is to find one that can pronounce their words well, while still sounding like a child. Be sure to listen to demos to ensure the talent is able to speak fluently, even as a kid.

  • Experience: Many kids don’t have a resume that would blow you away, but a few previous jobs is a signal you have found a potential talent. Ask for references just as you would with an adult talent.

  • Consistency: Another issue that many businesses run into with kids voice over talent is consistency. Every quality voice over talent, regardless of age, will have to endure multiple takes before the perfect one is recorded. You should be sure the talent you choose is capable of doing this.

Miami Opportunities

There are many businesses in the greater Miami area that can look to benefit from a quality kids voice over talent from CMD. Amusement parks, entertainment venues, and even sports teams can all look to a kids voice over talent to build a reputation for family fun, and Miami is no stranger to this industry.

Better yet, Orlando and Tampa are mere hours away, making local radio and television advertisements all the more important for the third most populous state in America.

Of course, if you are a voice over talent yourself with a professional studio in Miami, you can submit your demo to CMD here.

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