The audio of any media production always plays a key role in the outcome of the entire production, and quite often, voice over is an integral aspect of said audio. Yet, when selecting a type of voice over for your project, it can be difficult finding a voice that both matches the feel of the production and the brand or production company’s image. When you work with CMD, however, finding the perfect voice over talent is simple. We cast and record a range of talents within promo, accents, foreign language VO, and more.

To get an idea of the talent we offer, you can listen to the demos provided here on our Farsi voice over page. Farsi is a Persian language, and we have one example of the Farsi accent below. If you’re interested in another accent, or any voice for that matter, be sure to peruse our other voice over talent pages on site. If you need assistance in selecting your voice, you can give CMD a call at 212-213-9420 to get started.