No matter the type of project you’re working on, selecting an appropriate voice that matches both the project and brand producing it isn’t always easy. Fortunately, CMD casts and record a broad range of voice over talent to be used in any type of project, from video games to TV commercials. Within our voice over talent, we offer animation and kids voices, narration voices, as well as accents and foreign languages. For instance, you can see here on our Nepali voice over page, we have options for both male and female talent. To get a better idea of each, you can listen to the demos provided below.

If you’d like some assistance in choosing an appropriate voice for your project, we can help there too. We’ll sit down with you and your brand to collaboratively select the perfect voice. If you’d like some assistance or have any questions regarding our voice over talent, you can give us a call at 212-213-9420.