Non-Union Voice Talent

A common and tough decision to make when working on a production is choosing between casting union and non-union voice talent. Whether you’re creating a radio broadcast, TV commercial, or film, finding a professional voice over artist in itself is a difficult task. Then you’ve got to consider whether you’d like to go with a union actor, or non-union. Though union actors may be thought of as more “professional”, such voice talent also come with a higher price. With non-union voice talent, on the other hand, you can find equally-skilled actors at a much lower cost, considering union fees are eliminated.

CMD works with a broad range of both union and non-union voice talent to give our clients complete control over the actors they choose. If you’re working on a project requiring voice work, take a moment to learn more about non-union talent, how it can benefit the production, and the choice you have for such.

Non-Union Voice Talent Explained

Simply put, non-union voice talent represent themselves. Any and all money they make as voice actors goes directly in their pocket. However, such actors don’t receive the benefits that come with union acting. Union actors reap healthcare & pension benefits, find work easier, and more. While many voice actors aspire to become unionized, many enjoy the freedom of remaining as non-union voice talent. For smaller productions or those with a budget, non-union voice talent can save you a decent amount on costs.

Moreover, union voice work is often associated with more professional talent. Nevertheless, that’s not to say non-union actors aren’t professional or possess less skill than union actors. In fact, the non-union voice talent we work with at CMD are experienced voice actors, many of which have worked with well-known brands, networks, and agencies. Plus, you can find such voice talent in virtually any discipline on our site.

Available Non-Union Voice Talent

From narration and promo to animation and video games, CMD offers a wide array of non-union voice actors for use in any type of project. Whether you’re seeking foreign language, say, a Japanese voice over talent, or simply a Swedish accent, you can choose from both male and female talent. To get a better idea of the talent we represent, and hear their demos, check out the pages provided below:

Casting and Recording Non-Union Actors

While the experts at CMD can assist you in selecting the appropriate voice artist for your production, the selected voice talent will ultimately come down to you. Considering this, there’s plenty to keep in mind as you cast the perfect voice. Take a look below for some helpful tips in casting a fitting voice for your project:

  • First, determine whether you’d like to go with a union or non-union voice talent. If you’re looking outside of CMD, be cautious in your search for non-union actors.

  • Even if budget is a concern, focus on the experience of your prospective talent. Audio (including voice over) is an integral part of any production.

  • Determine how much time will be required of the voice actor(s). This may help with budgetary planning.

  • Consider the brand and production. What type of voice will fit best?

  • If the talent will be voicing characters (animation), you need to consider the personality of each character and determine the type of voice that would be most fitting. Where are they from? What do they look like? Will the voice project this?

Seeking Non-Union Talent?

In determining whether you’d like to work with non-union voice talent, keep costs in mind. Utilizing such voice actors can help you meet your budget while incorporating the perfect voice into your production. If you’d like more information on casting voice talent and working with CMD, check out the resources we’ve provided below.

If you’re ready to get started and need some assistance in finding the right voice talent, give us a call at 212-213-9420.