Portuguese Voice Over Talent

Whether you’re seeking Portuguese voice over talent for a TV programme, film, or narrated documentary, Creative Media Design in NYC can help. We cast and record a diverse range of non-union voice over talent for use in any type of project. When you are planning to utilize a foreign language voice over talent, however, it’s important to consider a few crucial factors to ensure the talent you choose pairs well with the production. Whether it be the type of voice or production, many aspects of your production needs to be considered when casting and recording voice over—especially when it comes to Portuguese voice over.

Given that the Portuguese language and many other foreign languages are inherently longer in speaking compared to English, using Portuguese voice over can call for precise planning in both writing the script and recording the talent. While CMD can help in this regard, take a moment to see an overview of the language, key considerations, and how you can find an appropriate Portuguese voice with CMD.

A Brief Overview of the Portuguese Language

A Romance language (like Spanish, Italian, Romanian, and French), Portuguese is widely spoken, being the sole official language of Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique, and more. Not only that, but it’s also the co-official language of East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, and Macau. Finally, it’s spoken elsewhere in places like Goa and Daman due to expansion in colonial times, adding to the 260 million total speakers world-wide. Considering its wide usage, Portuguese voice over talent is a common necessity for various types of productions, whether it’s used to dub over the original dialogue or used as voice over for a documentary.

In seeking Portuguese voice over for your production, however, be aware of the fact that Portuguese is longer than English when spoken. In other words, an English sentence will typically take a few seconds more when spoken in Portuguese. Though it may seem negligible, this must be taken into account when drafting a script and recording the voice over talent. Otherwise, the Portuguese dialogue may not sync with the image.

Casting Portuguese Voice Over Talent

Aside from the potential timing issue mentioned above, there are a few other key factors to keep in mind as you cast for Portuguese voice over talent. First, you need to determine which dialect the project will require. At CMD, we have both Brazilian and European Portuguese talent. From here, you’ll then need to choose between male or female, as well as the type of voice within. This and the aforementioned factors will all depend on the type of production and the intended audience. For instance, narration may call for a specific male voice, while a dubbing the original dialogue in a film or TV programme may require a female voice.  

These are crucial considerations within the overall process, as the selected voice talent will then be recorded in a studio before being worked into the final mix. In short, the Portuguese voice over talent you choose can make or break the production. To ensure you cast and record the most appropriate voice, though, CMD can work with you collaboratively to select a fitting voice, which we can then record in our NYC studio and mix for the final product.

Find the Right Voice Over with CMD

If you’re seeking a Portuguese voice over talent to use in your next production, CMD can be of assistance. We can work with you to cast and record the perfect voice for your production, and even help with the post production process, if needed. To get in touch with us and find the right voice, give us a call at 212-213-9420.