Though narration, promo, and animation voice over is often the most sought after for various productions, accents are still quite necessary for many. While we offer voice over in a range of disciplines at CMD, including those mentioned above, accents tend to be quite popular. If you’re seeking an accent voice over, be sure to peruse our site to see what we have to offer. Here on our Scottish voice over page, you can view the demos to determine if this accent is right for your production. If you’re not interested in a Scottish accent, you can find plenty of other options here on our site.

Of course, selecting the right voice for a project isn’t always an easy task, as the voice must match the feel of the production, as well as the brand. If you’d like some assistance in finding an appropriate voice, CMD can work with you collaboratively to choose the perfect one. If you’d like some help, give us a call at 212-213-9420.