Swedish Accent Voice Over

When it comes to using voice over, certain productions will always require a specific voice, though the audience, characters within the production, and other factors will also affect what type of voice you ultimately choose. Whether it be a video game, TV programme, documentary, or any other production, each warrants a different type of voice, which could be female, male, deep, etc. Some projects, however, may require more than just a male or female voice, such as a foreign language or accent. In fact, accents are a common necessity within voice over work.

One such accent commonly sought after is the Swedish accent. And here at CMD, we work with a range of non-union Swedish voice actors to provide the perfect accent to our clients. With this, casting and recording an appropriate voice with the right accent is simple. We can work with you collaboratively every step of the way to ensure your production features the right voice and possesses quality sound. To help you better understand the task at hand, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Swedish accent and what to consider when using such.

Swedish Accent Voice Over: Aspects to Keep in Mind

In considering a Swedish accent for voice over, no matter the type of production, there’s a few aspects of accents you should consider before selecting the voice talent you want. As with any accent or foreign language, reading the script or specific lines may take longer than intended, as there are different sounds and pronunciations for native Swedish speakers, which often translate when speaking English. While most voice actors can compensate for such, it’s good to keep in mind when drafting a script and recording.

Though a professional voice over talent will typically speak with little flaw, you may find they don’t pronounce a certain word or phrase as it should be. With this, you should be sure to have the voice over talent read through the script before recording, and pay close mind to any phrases they read other than intended. For the most part, this shouldn’t be a concern when working with professional voice over talent. However, there’s still plenty to consider when utilizing the Swedish accent—and any accent for that matter.

Casting and Recording a Swedish Accent

When working on a project requiring voice over talent, in general, you must consider a variety of factors, such as the intended audience, type of production, and how the voice over will be used for said production. Each of these factors will ultimately determine what type of voice is needed, even within the Swedish accent. So, in casting for a Swedish accent voice over talent, keep the following in mind:

  • Who is your intended audience? What type of voice will appeal to them best? Depending on the audience, you may be seeking a deep male voice or soft female voice.

  • What kind of production is it? A documentary will obviously require an authoritative voice, whereas an animated TV programme or video game may require a more comical, informal voice.

  • If the Swedish accent is being used for a character, you need to consider who that character is and how they’ll sound. Their accent and voice may be telling of the character’s history or role in the production.

  • How strong of an accent will the production require? If a strong Swedish accent is necessary, you may need subtitles for those who can’t fully understand the speaker’s accent.

  • The speed at which the voice over talent speaks is even an important factor. Depending on where the character is from, they may speak faster or slower than others.

Attain the Right Swedish Accent with CMD

As you can see, casting the perfect Swedish accent isn’t always so straightforward. Not only will you need to find an authentic accent, but you also need to find a voice that fits the character and overall production. To ensure such, you can work with CMD to find an appropriate voice over talent for any type of project. To get started, give us a call at 212-213-9420.