CMD offers high quality Video Production and Live Streaming services.

Our Atrium Room is available for green screen shooting, photo shoots, and live event capture.

We provide multi-camera production and lighting for any situation.


Video Production

  • Shoot a video podcast in one of our state-of-the-art recording studios

  • Studio A can accommodate a three-camera setup in the recording booth

  • Our modern and attractive facility can be configured for a custom video set

  • Additional services include conceptual design, subtitling, teleprompting, motion graphics and color correction

Live Streaming and Video On-Demand

Live Streaming video production is broadcast HD in a single or multi-camera capture with a live studio switcher and production staff. The video feed is encoded in real time and uploaded to a server or CDN. We have dedicated internet access at our studio that can deliver the highest quality to a streaming platform of your choice (Akmai, Livestream, Facebook Live etc.)

The video would then be interfaced with your website and embedded using a single pane video player. Other services include:

  • Pre-casting

  • Post production and archiving

  • Player testing prior to event

  • Encoding of high and low resolution streams

  • Mobile device streaming (Apple, Android),

  • Real time client support and deep data analytics during event

  • 30 day hosting of archive file including reporting and basic analytics.

Video On-Demand is prepared specifically for downloading at anytime from your website. The content can also be subscribed to using RSS though iTunes or other platforms. Enhance your project with our post production services such as graphics, music, titles and B-roll. The cost of production is less than a live stream but the process is not in real time.

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