Voice Over Versioning

Considering today’s modern world and where the internet has taken us, now more than ever we’re able to communicate with cultures across the globe, sharing messages, information, and even entertainment. Though this is a great advancement for society, opening new doors each day, it brings a challenge for brands and production companies when creating various projects. Given the internet and ability to reach audiences virtually anywhere, brands and production companies alike must consider how they can effectively communicate with such diverse audiences. This very idea has made voice over versioning a necessity.

In essence, voice over versioning (also called language versioning) is quite simple. Similar to dubbing, we can create multiple versions of any production in various foreign languages, as well as accents. Whether you’re targeting audiences in the US, UK, Germany, Asia, or Russia, we can convert your video into the necessary language or accent. While the idea is simple, the process involves a bit more.

Voice Over Versioning from CMD

In working with CMD to create versions of your production in multiple languages (or accents), we’ll work with you collaboratively throughout the process. To start, we’ll sit down and convene on who the intended audience is, and what will be needed throughout the process. From there, we’ll help you cast and record the necessary voice talent for each language and/or accent.

Of course, you also have to consider the script within voice over versioning. In converting such to the intended language, you must ensure the script is correctly translated to be understood by the audience. Not only that, but time is also a factor here, as some languages are inherently longer when spoken than others. Fortunately, CMD can provide assistance here to ensure the script is translated and effectively communicates with the audience.

Options for Versioning

Here at CMD, we cast and record a broad range of voice talent, including a wide selection of both foreign language and accents. Within each, we typically have options for male and female talent, and each voice talent varies from the next. This not only allows you to find the right language or accent, but gives you plenty of options for choosing each in regards to matching the overall feel of the production. We’ve provided more detail for each discipline below.

Foreign Language

With over 400 international voice artists spanning across 60+ foreign languages, CMD can provide the appropriate voice talent for your production. Whether you need separate versions of your project in Cantonese, Taiwanese, Hmong, German, or Italian, we can find a fitting voice in virtually any language. As you’ll see, you can also listen to demos of available talent to get a feel for each. We’ve provided some languages below to help you get an idea:


Much like that of our foreign language voice talent, we also offer a wide selection of accents. As you can imagine, voice over versioning for accents is slightly easier than foreign language, as the scripts can remain relatively the same, bar some differences in verbiage & lingo. You can get an idea of our selection for accents at the pages below:

Work with CMD Today

No matter the talent needed for voice over versioning, CMD can help. We offer a great selection of both union and non-union voice over talent, and we can help you determine the most fitting for your specific project. If you’re ready to get started or have any questions, give us a call at 212-213-9420.