Audio is extremely important for any production, and quality audio post production is needed to ensure the final product delivers a clear and successful message. There are many aspects that go into creating post production audio work, and Creative Media Design in New York City has everything you need to make your production top notch.

Our professional recording studio in Manhattan has some of the industry’s best equipment, software, and acoustics. Combine this with our top notch team who have years of experience in audio mixing and you will end up with a production that proudly represents your brand.

Additionally, we can help you copy edit your script and guide you start to finish to ensure your production is exactly what you are looking for. We can even provide you with production music to give your project the polished sound you desire.

If you are planning on dubbing your audio, or need to get a better quality sound for your production, we can assist you with ADR to ensure the audio quality is consistent from start to finish.

If you have any questions about our services at CMD, contact us at 212.213.9420. You can also check out work here.