How Can Your Kid Get Into Voice Overs?

Is your child charismatic and energetic? Are they interested in acting, public speaking or performing? If so, you might want to look into voice over talent jobs for your kid. There are plenty of voice over jobs out there for kids, and it can make for a fun and fruitful extra-curricular or summertime hobby. And, who knows, maybe it’s a chance for your child to start saving up for their first car.

Creative Media Design is proud to cast a diverse talent pool of both union and non-union voice actors. How diverse, you ask? We have a great deal of experience casting voices in over 80 languages and accents. That said, we are always seeking new and innovative voice over talent. Before contacting us or applying with our new talent form, learn more about how your kid can get into voice over acting.  

Voice Over Jobs for Kids

There is a lot of voice over jobs for kids out there. However, finding talent in kids is not easy, especially since its in such demand is high. It can be very challenging to find a kid who’s perfectly suited for voice over acting, and also has access to a remote professional studio. From commercials to cartoons, kids are in high demand when it comes to voice over talent.

You may have heard of adults doing voice over work for children in cartoons, like the famous case of Nancy Cartwright playing Bart Simpson in The Simpsons. But that takes serious talent. In many cases, the role of a child in cartoon voice acting is best played by a child. And, in many cases, kids can get paid more than adults for the same work.

How to Get Voice Over Jobs for Your Kid

If you and your kid are ready to jump into voice over acting, a good first step is to get enrolled in acting classes. Acting classes can help your child get into character when reading scripts for different gigs. Improv lessons can be especially useful for kids, as they’re more likely to be themselves in front of the mic.

The next step is to get a professional voice over demo of your kid’s voice over acting. Demos are essential to procuring gigs, as it’s usually the first thing talent agents will listen to when going through a talent form. So having a professionally produced demo is a must.

From there, you can network online with voice over talent websites. Or you can seek the help of a professional talent agent who can find voice over jobs for your child. Once your kid has secured a gig or two, it will get easier to find more voice over work. It can be very exciting and lucrative for your child to get into voice over acting!

Ready to Submit a Talent Form for Your Kid?

We are always seeking quality voice over talent of all ages. If you think your kid has what it takes to be a voice over actor, check here to see the kind of people we cast and the work that we do. If you’re interested in more information, you can contact us here.