Voice Overs for Podcasts

The right voice can make or break your podcast. Like any types of media production, audio quality is critically important. As the podcast industry continues to grow, consumers are more particular than ever about sound quality. If your business is looking to grow its brand by advertising on podcasts or creating a channel of your own, finding quality voice over work is a vital first step.

At Creative Media Design, our goal is to bring authenticity to your message with quality voice and sound. We are constantly innovating and cultivating new talent. For the last decade, we’ve successfully produced and mixed audio for companies like NBC, Google, ESPN, Nike and more. We are an integrated service with premiere audio studios that cast, record, and mix voice overs. If you’re looking to build your brand through media production, call CMD at 212.213.9420.

How to Choose the Right Voice Over Talent

As a company that specializes in voice over recording, we have a wide range of talent that will best suit your customer needs. If you are market a specific audience and think that a particular voice will best get your message across, browse our diverse and extraordinary talent. By selecting a category of voice such as male, female, urban, or several foreign language accents, you will be able to further specify your marketing reach.

Finding the right talent can be overwhelming. Brand building has several moving parts, and finding the best voice over may seem insignificant. However, voices that foster trust make for more effective advertising. Podcasting is a growing industry that businesses are using to develop trust among a specific audience. A voice is more human than a print or banner ad, and it can effectively bypass buyer hesitations and convince them to pay attention to your business.

How Podcasting Can Grow Your Business

One in five Americans listen to podcasts every month. Between 2015 and 2016, 23% more people listened to podcasts, and since 2013, podcast listenership has grown by 75%. Businesses looking to reach more people need to give their brand a voice on podcasts. Quality audio will connect you with an audience and community. If you’d like to take advantage of the growing podcast industry, peruse our website to find your favorite voice actor.

Launch a Podcast Marketing Campaign With CMD

Podcasts offer a large increase in demographic reach for businesses looking to extend their marketing campaigns. There are great opportunities for new engagement, and businesses who take advantage of podcast marketing will see an increase in sales and revenue. To make a podcast media tour successful, you need quality voice over work. With years of industry experience and a diverse portfolio of talent, CMD will help your business tell its story.