How to Land Voice Over Jobs in NYC

The voice over industry is filled with prominent figures and well-known names, making landing voice over jobs in New York City frightening for many new voice over talents. While the nature of the business can be intimidating, we are here to help you learn how to land voice over jobs as well as provide tips and tricks for new voice over actors.

At CMDNYC, we aim to provide voice over actors an outlet to publish and share their demo reels, as well as provide an easy to navigate directory for companies to choose the talent that best suits their brand. Additionally, we are here to provide voice over tips and tricks to help new actors land voice over jobs all over the country, including right here in New York City.

How to Land a Voice Over Job

Landing your first ever voice over job can be an exciting moment, but getting to this point requires a lot of time and energy. If you are just barely getting your feet wet in the voice over industry, you might want to consider taking some introductory courses from the Voice Shop at CMD, which is located conveniently in our Manhattan studio space. We offer classes for all voice over experience levels, and we even have an online option for those outside of New York City.

While voice over classes can benefit you, you should also practice your voice over skills daily and listen to established actors share their own tips, tricks, and breathing exercises. This can help you improve your skills, and learn exercises than can give you a leg up on the competition.

Record a Voice Over Demo

Once you have learned some tips and tricks to improve your skills, you will need to create a voice over demo and submit it to CMDNYC and other voice over directories. This will allow brands to find you easily online and reach out to you directly. Also, you will want to keep your eye open for voice over casting auditions in New york City. Even if you don’t land these jobs, they can prove to be a worthwhile networking opportunity.

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