Producing a Quality Fashion or Fragrance Commercial

When it comes to marketing, guiding consumers to purchase your product is the goal of most commercials, projects and ads. However, when it comes to the fashion and perfume industry, there’s a unique opportunity to express something more than just the features and benefits of your product, more than a simple outline of your services and pricing. Fashion and fragrance demand creativity, innovation and originality. These products highlight qualities of the human experience which is what makes them so provocative and alluring to the average person. This expression of an identity is essentially what leads consumers to fall in love and connect with your brand.

So, you may be thinking this sounds nice in theory, but how do you actually put this idea into action? At Creative Media Design, we have over 15 years’ experience to help you bring your next project to life, including a wide array of voice over talent to capture the essence of your message. Read on to find out what will take your campaign from so-so to unforgettable.

How Audio Paints a Picture

Messaging in your commercial does a few things, but mostly it leads consumers to buy your product or service. However, in more artistic industries such as fashion and fragrance, a commercial or project should also speak to the emotions of a consumer. Fragrances and fashion don’t really “do” anything in the traditional sense of the word. Unpacking this further, we understand our need for things like vacuum cleaners and allergy pills. We get an immediate and tangible benefit from those items, but it’s not so easy to pin down what we receive from buying a particular perfume or piece of clothing. These items speak more to the emotional, subconscious part of our brains that tell us how we feel. Our brains literally light up (shown on an MRI scan) when we see, smell, hear or touch something pleasurable, and this is what sensory marketing is all about.

Deciding which emotions you want to elicit from your consumers will play a huge role in the direction of your project. Do you want them to feel beautiful? Free? Powerful? Romantic? Youthful? Edgy?

Finding the right voice for your project is absolutely essential in portraying the feelings, stories and emotions associated with your brand. Imagine this scene: A beautiful woman, wearing an elegant gown while walking in a field of flowers… to the voice of a WWE announcer. Kind of ruins the picture, right? That may be a little dramatic, but hopefully you get the idea. When advertising to your consumers, finding ways to speak to their senses should be the goal and is where we find the use of audio to be particularly convincing and necessary.

Need help Finding a Voice for your Commercial?

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