Film Audio Post Production: How Does it Work?

When it comes to film, audio post production editors are unsung heroes. Their work is present everywhere, yet they hardly get credit for the work they do: to take a film from good to great. It’s actors, screenwriters and directors seem to get all the acclaim. So, naturally, we wanted to take some time to highlight what it is that these post audio production editors really do, and how their work is fundamental in the world of film.

Creative Media Design is proud to provide audio post production services to clients everywhere. We recognize that audio is one of the most important aspects of any production, and as such, we’re driven by quality. Regardless of your project, our expertise in all things audio can take your production to the next level! Before calling us for our post audio production service, keep reading to learn more about how audio post production works in film.

Film Audio Post Production: The Basics

In film, unlike your typical in-home camcorder, video and audio are recorded separately. While a camera is running, there might be a boom mic above an actor recording their voice separately, or perhaps a small microphone hidden in their clothes. Then you have sound effects, background noise, and music, which are all added into film during post-production. Audio post production editors can begin working on these sounds once a “locked cut” of a film is completed, meaning that all the takes from the film are finished to standard.

Professional audio post production editors utilize advanced software with versatile control panels, which allows them to edit more precisely and thoroughly. In the digital age, these editors can handle an unlimited amount of separate tracks at a time. Not to mention, they get access to some awesome tools, like tracking the audio at hand to a built-in video feed, so they can time effects perfectly. Or software that allows them to clean up audio and add filters as needed.

What is THX?

Developed by George Lucas, THX is a standard set to ensure that film sounds the same in theaters as it does in a studio. Sound stages and theaters can become THX “certified”, which means they’re able to match studio sound. This has been hugely beneficial to post production sound editors, as they don’t have to guess whether or not their studio edits will translate well into theaters.

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