Famous Video Game Voice Actors

In a sense, video game voice actors are unsung heroes. Despite their essential role in the development and immersion of a video game, they rarely get the credit for helping captivate gamers worldwide and drive the game’s narrative forward. It also might surprise you to learn that many of the most famous video game voice over artists are famous actors. Who, you might ask? We’ll set out to answer that question below!

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Celebrity Video Game Voice Over Actors

When you’re playing video games, you might not pay much mind to the voice over acting taking place behind the scenes. But it might surprise you to learn that much of the voice over work you hear in video games is done by famous actors, many of whom you’d recognize from their work in films. As such, we decided to highlight some of the famous movie actors that have worked in video game voice over! Check out our list:

  • Gary Oldman: Oldman has voiced a number of popular video games. He played Ignitus in Spyro, and has been heavily involved in voice over work within the Call of Duty franchise. He donned a Russian accent in Call of Duty: World at War, where he played the charismatic Sergeant Reznov.
  • Dennis Hopper: Between classics like Waterworld and Apocalypse Now, Dennis Hopper has gotten his foot in the door of video game voice over acting. His most famous video game appearance was in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
  • George Takei: While you’d probably know George Takei from his role in Star Trek, he’s not foreign to voice over work for video games. His most famous video game voice over work was Red Alert 3.
  • Liam Neeson: Somewhat of a stranger to video game voice over acting, Neeson was intrigued by the story of Fallout 3. In fact, the script writers even designed the character with Neeson’s voice in mind. The final product was nothing short of impressive.
  • Sean Bean: Sean Bean has been working in video game voice overs since 2006, with Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Bean had a great time with his role in the game, and expressed that he’d love to act in a sequel down the road.

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