Effectiveness of Voice Overs

Not only do voice overs provide narration to a variety of audio and video productions, they also alter the effectiveness of content and provoke thought and emotion in viewers and listeners. The power of voice overs offers an effective way to peak the interest in a certain audience and spread information. The impact of media is heavily affected by voice-overs, as they draw in consumers and deliver important messages.

How We’re Affected by Voice Overs 

Whether driving in our cars, at the movies, or our favorite TV shows, we as consumers are affected by voice-overs every day. Content like radio commercials and movie trailers specifically use voice overs to attract specific audiences. A trailer for an action movie may use a deep and solemn voice to elicit excitement over the new film while a radio commercial may use a hip and catchy voice to peak interest with the omission of visual stimulation.

No matter the medium, voice overs serve as necessary audible markers to get a message to the audience. With the digital age we live in, the importance of an effective voice over is significant. That’s why we at CMD offer a variety of fantastic voice over services in New York City and across the world to suit your media needs.

Do They Work On You?

Take a second to think about how you’ve been affected by the voice in media. Think about your favorite animated show. Do you have a favorite character? Do you like their voice? Chances are you’re favorite character not only retains traits you like but also has a voice that you find appealing. Now think about the last radio commercial you listened to. Within seconds, you decide whether to tune in or change the station, and a big part of that is the voice used.

On a daily basis, we are drawn in or turned off by the voices in media. Whether we like the sound of a certain voice or not, voice overs evoke emotion. They may excite us over a movie or product, or cause concern over societal issues. Either way, each and every one of us has been swayed to feel one way or another by voice overs.