Finding The Perfect Tone

Finding the perfect music track is a crucial step in the production process. Music evokes emotion in the audience, which is directly controlled by the producer who selected the track.

Whether the audience should laugh, cry, or scream for more, this can all be affected by the music selected. Different types of music evoke different types of emotions; part of how the audience reacts to the message depends on the music selected, and often times that can be critical in achieving the right overall effect.

Things to Consider

When deciding which music track to use in your production, there are a few things to keep in mind. We’ve already noted the relationship between emotion and music. Now, here are a few tips to when choosing the perfect tracks:

  • Be wary of digital instruments - Though technology can produce some amazing sounds, digital instruments can quite often sound, well, digital. Make sure to listen to the real thing and its digital counterpart before making a final selection.

  • Choose the right structure - You've been searching stock music sites for hours, and finally found the perfect sound. But does it keep up with the video? Or is it too fast in comparison with the video tempo? Video transitions and music tracks should coincide, so make sure to give a final look before signing off. 

  • Keep it in the background - Make sure the final music track doesn’t distract your audience from the content. A great song that is turned up too loud can easily pull viewers’ attention away from what they should actually be paying attention to.

  • Intro and Outro - Choosing a track for the intro and outro of your production sets the tone for the entire piece. This prepares the audience for what’s to come, and leaves them with the right feeling when the credits roll.

Where to Look

There are so many websites out there that offer tons of music options. Royalty free music is license free, which allows you to use a music track at no cost for an indefinite amount of time. There are also licensed music tracks, which typically allow you to use a track for a certain price for a certain amount of time. Whether royalty-free or licensed, make sure you understand the legal limits of your track before putting it in your production. 

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