Top 5: Best Voice Actors

Voice over plays a major role in media and finding the right voice affects how a commercial product, lifestyle brand, film or TV show is perceived by its audience. A voice over’s delivery might even be successful in altering a production’s overall impact. Additionally, casting and directing the perfect voice is crucial in creating quality content. From radio commercials to the silver screen, voice over is a great tool and vehicle to draw in an audience and create a unique, personal experience.  

In the world of film and TV, there are many voice over actors and actresses who stand out from the rest. Maybe you heard the perfect comedic tone, experienced a sentimental feeling or got pumped for an upcoming event. Whichever the case, the prominent voices to follow have had a major impact on the film and TV industry, and have become household names.

From Seth MacFarlane’s range of cartoon voices to Christopher Walken’s distinct cadence and delivery, there are many characteristics that define a memorable voice. In front of the camera or behind the mic, these prolific voices are some of the best voice actors around.

  • Morgan Freeman: Currently, Morgan can guide you to your next destination on Waze, but this iconic actor has played the role of God in other instances as well. From heavyweight brands like VISA and NFL to countless film, narrations and TV promos, his velvet voice is unmistakable.

  • Sigourney Weaver – Most often cast in roles of great strength and stature, Sigourney’s resonant voice can be heard over the beautiful landscapes of Planet Earth and a variety of big-name animated films like Avatar and WALL-E.

  • Jon Hamm – Luxury meets smooth and sexy with Jon voicing the Mercedes Benz campaign, but his voice roles also extend to the deep and daring. You can hear his voice on American Airlines commercials and in a number of animated feature films.

  • John Krasinski – Mr. Krasinski may persuade you to buy car insurance while he takes a break from lending his voice to Carnival Cruise Lines. The goofy Office star even works with big names like Kodak, Puma, and AppleTV.

  • Wanda Sykes - Aside from her comical Applebee's ad and starring in multiple Gain Detergent commercials, Wanda’s sarcastic and striking voice even makes an appearance in big screen animations like Ice Age: Collision Course.

Suffice to say, the importance of casting well-known voice over actors for commercials is clear. We may know them from the big screen, but when we hear their voices promoting a brand or lifestyle it brings a heightened level of credibility to the messaging. And who are we kidding—advertisers know it, too!

If you’re producing a commercial or narrative of your own and need a distinct, authentic voice for your brand, contact CMD today. We’ll cast the voice over talent to best suit your brand, budget and messaging.