Why Audio is Important to Your Video

Many different variables go into creating a high quality video. Whether it’s a personal project, a TV spot, or a web video, the most often repeated mistake is focusing on video quality over audio quality. In fact, audio quality is just as important, if not more important, than video quality.

We have all turned on the TV only to have one channel’s audio a split second behind the video. This is frustrating and can cause viewers to quit watching almost immediately. Older TV shows didn’t have the technology or crystal clear picture quality we have today, but they were able to sync up a good audio recording and we still watch the reruns today. Why? Because audio can play a more significant role in regard to your project’s overall quality than a stellar video alone would.

Many beginners start out by purchasing an expensive camera to ensure their video quality is top of the line, but they rarely spring for the same high-end equipment when it comes to their audio needs. In reality, a video clip can have flaws, like pixelation or blurriness, yet the final product can still be a quality production if it has crystal clear sound. If the audio, however, is distorted, muted, or out of sync it can distract the viewer from even the best quality video.

There are many reasons why audio has a greater impact on the overall quality of a video than the actual video quality. For example, videos are an art form and minor quality errors can actually improve the video by giving it an artistic feel. This is not the same for audio such as voice over and dialog, which will frustrate the viewer if they have to pay extra attention to try and understand what is being said.

Because videos can be more abstract, any video of moderate quality will have the ability to pull the viewer in. If the audio is off, on the other hand, it will leave the viewer confused, and odds are they won’t remain interested for very long.

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