Voice Over Agents NYC: Do You Need One?

As a voice actor, finding work can become a daunting task. If you’re new to the game, landing a job is even tougher, and you may need a voice over agent to help you through the process. Be wary, however, as voice over agents aren’t always necessary, not to mention they are much harder to come by as a newcomer. Regardless of your status as a voice actor, an agent may be the deciding factor in scoring more gigs, but you’ll need to be careful in your search for such. No need to worry, though, as the pros at Creative Media Design NYC can lend a hand.

When seeking voice over agents, or deciding to call on one, you’ll need to consider a few things: Do you actually need an agent? When is a good time to go about finding one? What’s the best way to go about the process? In an effort to simplify your decision or search, we’ve gone ahead and answered these questions and more. Take a look.

Voice Over Agents NYC: What a Good Agent Will Do

Selecting an agent to represent you isn’t as simple as choosing one and saying they’re hired. A great agent will demand the same of you as you do them. Essentially a voice over agent’s job is to represent qualified talent and present said talent to casting directors, producers, ad agencies, and more. Within this, their work gets a bit more complicated. Get the details on what voice over agents do below:

  • Agents build relationships with creative directors and ad agencies to find clients work, whether that be at animation companies, TV networks, or radio production houses.

  • They screen incoming talent, only selecting those who have experience and expertise, which should always be displayed on a demo.

  • If an agent likes what you’ve got, they’ll include your talent on a house reel that’s sent to various producers to choose from.

Simply put, if an agent doesn’t find you work, they won’t get paid. In turn, you can assume quality voice over agents are out there seeking jobs and sending out your demo. So, how can you find voice over agents who will accomplish all of this?

Finding Quality Voice Over Agents

The first step in acquiring voice over agents in NYC is creating a demo, as you’ll need something to show for. Great voice over agents will only work with established actors, and your demo and resumé will need to prove that. Along with a sufficient demo, you’ll want to send out a cover letter and resumé, but headshots are always a good idea as well. Once your demo is ready to go, you’ll need to consider doing the following:

  • Submit Your Demo: Once you have your demo, cover letter, and resumé, it’ll be time to start sending it out to your ideal voice over agents.

  • Follow Up: Persistence can pay off. You should follow-up with potential agents by emailing them weekly until you get a response.

  • Know What to Say: In your follow-up, simply ask if you’d be a good fit. Don’t ask them their opinion on your demo, as this doesn’t look professional.

Is a Voice Over Agent Right for You?

Clearly, finding voice over agents isn’t a simple process. As with anything in life, landing a voice acting gig comes with hard work and persistence. To better your chances, get a professional demo completed and send it out alongside your cover letter and resumé. If you’re interested in finding work as a voice actor, you can submit your work here with CMD in New York City.

If you’re a production company looking for professional voice talent, you can view our talent here.