6 Movie Sound Effects and How They were Achieved

Sound design is quite interesting; there’s no doubt about it. Having said that, some sound designers have truly gone above and beyond to achieve the perfect sound for a particular movie scene. From sci-fi greats thrilling action films, we’ve probably all wondered where some of those sounds come from. You’ll be surprised, and even confused, when you hear how some of these designers find the perfect effect.

When you think about it, it’s obvious these sounds had to have been created from scratch, as we have no known recordings of alien communication. So how do these sound designers create these interesting movie sound effects? Let Creative Media Design in NYC fill you in.

6 Movie Sound Effects and Their Surprising Origins

It’s a wonder how these designers create such realistic and convincing sounds and, no matter the means necessary, these professionals can tackle nearly any sound. From Chewbacca’s growling yell to the Transformers mothership crash, these sounds effects took some odd work and practice. Let’s take a look at how these unworldly movie sound effects were made.

  • Star Wars | Lightsabers: Ben Burtt, Star Wars sound designer, used the hum of a film projector to get the right sound for the lightsabers, yet he needed something else. One day he walked by a TV set while carrying a mic and discovered the perfect “swooshing sound.” He combined the two sounds and the rest is history.

  • Terminator 2: Judgement Day | Nanomorph: Remember the T-1000 robot and its ability to “nanomorph” through bars? The sound design team recorded canned dog food being dumped out.

  • Jurassic Park | Dinosaurs: When we think of dinosaur sounds, we think of Jurassic Park, but the sound designers had to work hard to find the right sound. Though researchers suggest dinosaurs may not have had such rumbling roars, the designers didn’t care. They recorded a variety of wild animal sounds and tweaked the sound, with sounds from  a whale, lion, alligator, tiger and more!

  • War of the Worlds | Alien Tripods: We all know the terrifying sounds Michael Babcock provided for War of the Worlds, but the alien tripods are his proudest work. Derived from the sounds of roller coasters, trains, and a bike chain, all these sounds combine to create the sound of the alien tripods moving.

  • The Dark Knight Rises | Bane: Realizing it was hard to understand Bane when masked, the sound designers for The Dark Knight Rises tried a variety of methods to clear up his speech, though the best solution was playing his voice from the front three speakers of the theater, rather than the a single speaker. As a result, Bane possessed a significantly different tone and sound throughout the film.

  • Signs | Aliens: Because the audience doesn’t see the aliens until the end of the film, Signs’ sound designer Richard King needed to create a walking noise for the aliens that would keep the crowd on their toes. King used goat and horse legs from a taxidermist and recorded the legs walking around the set.

Movie Sound Effects: Were You Surprised?

So, there you have it: the secrets behind some of the most well-known movie sound effects. Did any of these sounds surprise you? Clearly, sound designers are quite the creative type. Whether it’s creating a terrifying scream or a convincing alien noise, these pros always make it work. Could you have thought of anything better? Try creating some of your own!

While we can’t supply your production with the whooshing sounds of a light saber, Creative Media Design can surely provide you with the best in voice talent, dubbing, and narration. For more information, browse our site or contact us today.