Promo Voice Over: The Ideal Gig

In the world of voice overs, no two areas are alike. From audiobooks and podcasts to movie trailers and promos, the industry calls for a variety of voice talent. Some voice actors have the ability to work in a range of categories, while some are strictly well-versed in just a few areas. Of the opportunities available to voice actors, voicing promos for TV and radio broadcast is often the most sought-after.

What is it that makes promo voice over such a desirable job? What’s it take to get work in promo VO? The experts at Creative Media Design in NYC know the value of professional voice talent, and we’d love to share more about this interesting part of the VO industry. Take a look below to learn more about promo voice over and what makes it such a beneficial line of work.

What Does Promo Voice Over Entail?

From a voice actor’s standpoint, one major benefit of working with promos is the amount of work that tends to pile up. Often times, a TV network will utilize the same voice talent across their network. Whether it’s program intros, promos, or the stations own commercials, the VO role is typically filled by one actor.

Because TV networks create and maintain a certain tone and image, relying on one voice actor ensures the same tone throughout all productions. The ideal promo voice over talent will possess the skills to match the tone, pace, and attitude of any promo, which are most often created prior to recording the voice talent. In short, securing a promo voice over job can yield a great deal of steady work and, in today’s world, more and more of that can be recorded  in a professional home studio.

Of course, a TV network could employ multiple voice actors for promo purposes, depending on the tone they want for each program that they are promoting. Many promo voice actors even land gigs with multiple  networks  and companies, which is most likely due to their unique set of skills. You’ve probably heard the same voice across a variety of TV networks—so let’s take a look at the leaders of promo voice over.

The Best in Promo Voice Over

We’ve covered some of the greatest VO actors in a previous post, and some of those could have even made the list to follow, but we’ve kept it pertaining to the best in promo voice overs. If you watch TV, you’ve probably heard a number of these voices before, as each is quite prolific. Check out the list below:

  • Bill Ratner: Providing character voices and voice talent for promos, Bill Ratner has done movie trailers for the recent Ant-Man, Inside Out, Talladega Nights, and much more. He even does plenty of announcer work for numerous TV stations across the country.

  • Joe Cipriano: Getting his start in high school, Joe Cipriano has scored promo jobs with NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS. Cipriano continues to work as an on-air personality for a plethora of radio stations.

  • George DelHoyo: As a top voice over artist, especially in that of promos, George DelHoyo has voiced the trailers for dozens of silver-screen films, including Bee Movie, Garfield: The Movie, and Ice Age.

Find Promo Voice Over Talent with CMD

Becoming a promo voice over professional is no easy task. This kind of role takes years of experience, practice, and expertise. These highly sought-after roles are often filled with the best in the business, and you can hear their voices everywhere. From providing the perfect touch to an action-packed movie trailer to garnering attention around a new TV show, promo voice actors are a necessity.

If you’d like to find promo voice over talent for your own production, you can check out CMD’s talent page. You can also contact us here for questions and more information.