What Does it Take to Get Voice Talent Jobs?

With voice over technology where it’s at today, many voice over artists have the luxury of recording remotely from home. Whether it’s a full-time pursuit or just a way to make money on the side, many people find voice talent jobs to be very appealing for the versatility they allow. But while voice over jobs offer great flexibility and benefits, there’s also some things you need to know before you can jump into the industry and stay afloat.

Creative Media Design is proud to work with a diverse pool of voice actors, both union and nonunion, to deliver high quality audio projects to our clients. We cast international voice talent in over 80 languages and accents. Further, we are always seeking new and innovative voice over talent. Before contacting us or applying with our new talent form, learn more about what it takes to get voice talent jobs.

What you Need to Get Started

Whether you’re freelancing or seeking to work with an agent, the first thing you’ll need when applying for a voice over job is a demo. This should be a short audio clip that shows off your flexibility and dynamic range of abilities. Your demo should be recorded in high quality. If you don’t have a fairly high-quality home studio then we recommend you record somewhere professionally. While this will cost some money, it’ll also maximize your odds of getting jobs.

A common way in for voice talent jobs is through referrals. Make sure you’re networking with casting agents to open up more opportunities and get your demo out there. Before an agent decides to represent you they will want to hear a demo and get to know you better. It might look good to an agent if you’re actively involved in some form of acting, even if it’s just acting classes.

Every casting agent is different, and they all seek out talent in their own way. When you’re new to the scene, it’s important to stay patient and flexible in your approach. It’s not easy to impress an agent without a strong background in voice over acting. But if you present a strong demo and a willingness to thrive in the industry, you might be able to find your way in.

Do you Need a Special Voice to Get Voice Talent Jobs?

Many people believe that you need to have a unique and intriguing voice to get voice talent jobs. While uniqueness can certainly be advantageous, it’s a misconception that you can’t do voice over work with a normal voice. And on the other hand, a unique voice by itself isn’t enough to become a voice actor. It takes hard work and dedication, regardless of your voice!

Looking to Be Cast for a Voice Talent Job?

If you have what it takes to be a voice over actor, check here to see the kind of people we cast and the work that we do. If you’re interested in more information, you can contact us here.