Voice Over Script Versioning

Voice Over Script Versioning

In our modern world, it is easier than ever to communicate and spread awareness of your business in various countries. Our global community has become easier to navigate, especially with the internet available at our fingertips. This presents businesses with the ability to target audiences with ease, however, voice over script versioning is necessary.

With CMD, you have access to some of the most established talents in the voice over industry. Our team of experts can help you write a quality script, and version it for you as well. With script versioning, we translate your voice over into foreign languages and accents that will help your brand grow and evolve.

Script Versioning: Foreign Languages and Accents

Creating different versions of your voice over script is essential when targeting audiences in various countries. For example, if you are expanding your business overseas in France, you will need a script versioned correctly to ensure the correct word choice and vernacular are used.

In some cases, you may not need a new language produced, but rather a different accent that will appeal to a new audience better. Luckily, with CMD, we can also provide you with a list of demo reels from established voice over talents with a proven ability to focus on the accent you need for your production.

Advantages of Script Versioning

The main advantage you stand to reap form script versioning with CMD is enhanced quality while using one video production. Once you have a quality commercial or advertisement filmed, simply have the script versioned to the language or accent you need and replace the original voice over with the versioned copy. This can also save you time and money as you don’t have to have new visuals produced.

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