French Canadian Voice Over

Especially in Canada, French Canadian voice over talents are highly sought after. Many companies will choose a French voice over actor or actress for their French Canadian voice over needs, but this can cause inconsistencies.  In short, when looking for a French Canadian voice over talent, listen to demo reels and bring them in for an audition. 

Voice overs need to accurately depict your brand, and choosing the right talent for the job is paramount. With CMD, you are sure to have a wide range of options in choosing the best French Canadian voice over talent for your production.

Choosing Your Voice Over Talent

Before you begin recording, mixing, and creating your production, you will need to choose the French Canadian voice over talent you want to use. There are a number of aspects of your production to consider when choosing your talent, including: 

  • Brand Tone: Are you looking for an authoritative tone, or something more pleasing or passive? Does a male voice or a female voice fit your brand best? Think of what your audience would expect to hear from your brand when choosing your voice over talent.   
  • Experience: Often times, experienced voice over talents can be pricey compared to someone just getting started. You will need to consider how important is experience in your production.
  • Fluency: When choosing a foreign language voice over talent, you will want to ensure they are fluent in the language you are looking for. For example, and as mentioned before, French Canadian voice overs differ greatly from French voice over and you will want to ensure the talent you choose can provide the correct language you need. 

Find French Canadian Voice Over Talent with CMD

When you work with CMD to find the right voice over talent for your production, you are choosing the best voice over actors and actresses  in the industry. 

In addition to French Canadian talent, we have a wide range of different voice over accents and languages for you to choose from, complete with demo reels.  

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