Voice Over Agents NYC

Beginning your voice over career can be an exciting time in your life. Finding your core team, one that will be with you through years of success, can be daunting. Landing your desired jobs in this industry will take talent, a great demo and a well connected agent. How do you sort through the hundreds of agents in the New York City area? How do you find one that will genuinely represent your professional persona?

The CMD team has put together this article that should help you select the right agent. We want to stress the fact that an agent is not always necessary to land voice over gigs, we will happily help you navigate the voice over world. Agents do, however, often have connections to larger numbers of openings. Let’s talk about some of the vital facts about agents.

What Can an Agent Do For Me?

After our voice over coaches have worked their magic and you have a professionally produced demo, you’re ready to find an agent. What exactly should an agent do for you? Here are a few things we’ve come up with:

  • Book auditions

  • Negotiate contracts and terms of employment

  • Find opportunities

  • Act as a liaison between you and the client

  • Collect overdue payments

  • Know market trends and changes in the industry

We would advise reading any contract you sign very carefully. Occasionally, agents will want complete exclusivity. This would mean not accepting jobs from ANY other source, extending to the internet and social media. Social media can be used to promote and secure voice over jobs. Just be aware of what you sign.

How Can CMD Help Me Become Successful?

Here at CMD, we are always working to find and polish new talent. Our innovative approach is comprehensive in scope. Our talented, world-class coaches will help you define and develop your professional voices, with the goal of landing your desired gigs. From our Manhattan penthouse overlooking Midtown, our audio production team will then record your professional demo.

CMD has the distinction of becoming one of the first audio houses in the world to put voice over demos on the internet, allowing clients to listen to and quickly choose their perfect voice over artist. Ingenious really!

Find Your Voice With CMD!

Beginning your professional voice over career begins with CMD. Since 1998, we have helped hundreds of voice over artists become successful, talented and popular voices in this industry. Our professionals have worked in the industry for years, gaining vital perspective they willingly pass on to our clients. Choose success with CMD. If you are serious about a successful voice over career, feel free to fill out our new talent form or simply call 212-213-9420.