Voice Over Casting

Are you looking for a particular voice for your professional project but need help getting started? Voice over work is the heart of what we do and love here at CMD. We work with hundreds of talented voice over artists. From our beautiful Manhattan penthouse overlooking Midtown, our audio production team expertly cast and record your professional.

Helping you find and bring to life the voice you’ve envisioned is our speciality. Whether you seek a foreign language, narration or an eclectic dialect, our voice over experts will help you define your needs, cast your desired voice and record your talent.

Types of Voice Over Talent

As mentioned above, our voice over talent at CMD is varied and abundant, we have exactly what you need.

  • Foreign Language Voice Over: With over 80 languages, our foreign language voice over talent has the market cornered. We also ensure your script is polished, grammatically correct and ready to record. Listen to all our male/female foreign language voice over talent here.

  • Accents: Much like foreign languages, our voice over talent boast more than 50 accents from all over the world. We suggest you listen to each demo as dialects and accents can differ even within one country. Here are our accent demos

  • Narration, Promo and Commercial: This genre demands voice over talent to catch and hold your attention quickly. Whether you are casting a documentary or a commercial, we have the right fit.

  • Video Games and Virtual Reality: If bringing your characters to life and portraying the personality written is what you seek, we have the talent. From casting the right voice to recording audio, CMD is #1 in the industry.

Whether your project demands a more traditional voice, Swedish accent or unique video game character, our selection of voice talent is unmatched.

Find Your Voice Over Talent at CMD!

Since 1998, we have helped hundreds of companies find the best talent for their professional needs. No matter your voice over project or genre, we have hundreds of talented artists. We offer comprehensive services that include: casting gigs, finding high end talent, providing comprehensive talent demos, translating foreign scripts (when necessary) and premium recording. Why go elsewhere when we provide everything you need in one convenient location? Call CMD today at 212-213-9420.