What Does a Recording Engineer Do?

For those outside the voice over industry, actors and voice over casting directors might be the only well-known positions. However, one of the most important jobs in the industry is the recording engineer. But what does a recording engineer do exactly? In short, they are the one who sets up and operates the recording equipment.

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Recording Engineer Duties

There are a wide range of duties that a recording engineer has to perform. Some of these recording engineer duties are:

  • Noise Control
  • Acoustical Design
  • Sound Level

Of course, recording engineer duties are not limited to these tasks. In most cases, the recording engineer will need to be familiar with mixing, editing, and producing the recordings, as well as understand the technical aspect of the equipment used to make the recordings.

How to Become a Recording Engineer

Like any other profession, schooling and experience is required to become a recording engineer. There are many colleges and universities that offer courses for this profession, and there are even colleges devoted entirely to the industry as a whole. In addition to getting an education in recording engineering, you will want to get an internship or an entry position to further hone your skills.

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