The Basics of Cartoon Voice Work

Casting your cartoon can be a difficult task. Going through many voices to find the perfect voice to play a character is time consuming. Luckily, CMDNYC provides an excellent outlet for creators to find the perfect talent for their shows. We have built a network for businesses to find the perfect voice over artist for their project and have their content exposed to the right audience.

At CMDNYC, we are focused on helping businesses find voice over talent that fit their needs. If you work in animation and are seeking the right voice talent to star in your movie or show, we have access to a huge selection of voice over artists to cast your project. Our professionals in cartoon voice work will be sure to bring life to your script. Learn more about voice over in cartoons and the outlets we offer for businesses to market their content.

Finding Voice Over Artists

We have created a subsidiary company that is focused on finding voice over talent. Through The Voice Shop, we have given voice over artists a space where they can post their demo reels for clients. Our clients can utilize CMDNYC to find the right voice talent for their projects no matter what they are.

When you are looking through our voice over talent, we offer a wide variety of options. You will be able to find male, female, foreign language, and accented voices for your project. No matter what your character, you are sure to find a voice actor who can fit the role. But we don’t stop at casting. We can also provide recording and mixing to give your show the perfect sound.

CMDNYC Services

We have been in the voice over and audio post industry since 1998. With that amount of time, we’ve been able to build a huge selection of services to help businesses get top quality audio and exposure. As mentioned above, we cast, record, and mix to help you through every stage of the process.

You can take advantage of our services for your cartoon voice work. We can help you cast your show with the perfect voice by providing you with our incredible roster of talent. The next step is recording the audio. We offer recording for foreign language dubbing, animation, editing, or ADR for film. The final stage is mixing. Our process will make sure that your sound quality is great throughout the entire recording.

Cast Your Cartoon With CMDNYC Today

If you are looking to cast your cartoon or animated project, CMDNYC is the best place to do so. Whether you are in need of a talented voice over actor, or looking to submit your demo reel, CMDNYC is available to help. Please feel free to contact us today for additional information.