Film Sound Design: Top 7 Movies with Killer Sound

Within all movies, a great deal of skill, technique, and work go into designing optimal sound. While most movies pay close mind to their sound production, some movies simply have it perfectly dialed in. With sound playing such an important and engaging role in film, sound design truly can make or a break a movie. In short, incredible film sound design is never easy to accomplish, but when it is, the results leave a lasting impression. With this, we thought we’d assemble a list of the top movies with killer sound, comprised of instant classics and box-office hits. Take a look with Creative Media Design in New York City.

7 Movies with the Best Sound Design

There are a few defining aspects as to what constitutes great film sound design. As far as the movies listed below go, they’ve all been deemed the best movies to test your surround sound with. While this may not be the best factor in determining a film’s quality of sound design, a movie’s surround sound rating is still quite telling. In essence, the sound in these movies to follow keeps viewers on the edge of their seats and even places them right in the middle of any given climactic scene. Ultimately, you can be the judge of that. Now, let’s take a look at seven movies with killer sound across the board:

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey: Moving the story along with incredible sound, 2001: A Space Odyssey nailed it on both sound design and film score. In fact, less than half the movie includes dialogue, relying on the effects and music.

  • Star Trek: Featuring sound-design genius Ben Burtt of Star Wars, worked hard on the details of Star Trek’s sound. From the buttons of the Starship Enterprise to the perfect background sounds, the sound in this film is grade A.

  • Jurassic Park: While some scenes stand out more than others, such as the stampede or loud roar of the T-Rex, the sound in Jurassic Park, and the film itself, will always remain a classic. Pay close attention to the yell of the Velociraptors!

  • Saving Private Ryan: Achieving stunning reviews for its realistic battle scenes and taking home an Oscar for both Best Sound and Best Sound Effects Editing, Saving Private Ryan pulls you into each scene with stunning sound design.

  • Wall-E: Coming from the masterminds of Pixar, Wall-E displays the perfect sound alongside a great soundtrack and graphics. More specifically, the movie’s use of surround sound is nothing short of amazing. Simple TV speakers just won’t do this one any justice.

  • Dark Knight: Considered one of the best in film sound design, especially for those with surround sound, The Dark Knight delivers on all levels—or should we say decibels? The movie’s sound is so seamless, in fact, many viewers tend to not even pay it any mind. Now that’s perfect film sound design.

Need Professional Sound Design for Your Own Film?

Well, there you have it: a list of the top seven movies that absolutely nailed it on sound design. While there’s plenty of movies that could make such a list, those included above not only boast incredible sound, but utilize sound to move the story along seamlessly. Whether you’re talking a cute animated film like Wall-E or one loaded with impactful scenes, these movies delivered 100%.

If you’re seeking incredible sound design for a film or project of your own, Creative Media Design in NYC can be of great assistance. For more information on our audio services, contact us here or give us a call at 212.213.9420.