Voice Over Classes to Jumpstart Your Career

Though we’ve covered getting started in the voice over industry and how to go about your submissions extensively, voice over is what we do and there’s a lot to be said. For those seeking work as voice over talents, you’ve probably read countless articles telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. The truth is, it takes a lot to land gigs as a voice actor and there’s always something more you could be doing. However, one thing you may not have considered is taking voice over classes to improve not only your voice, but your approach and much more. Whether you’re an established worker seeking to perfect your voice or a beginner who needs to learn the fundamentals, vocal classes may be a great option.

Here at Creative Media Design, we provide brands with quality and professional voice talent so they can best represent their business. We work with a broad range of voice actors and we know just what it takes to find work. With this, let us explain the potential benefits you could reap from enrolling in voice over classes.

Voice Over Classes: The Basics

Like we said, voice over classes aren’t only geared toward beginners looking to learn the fundamentals of voice over and the industry. While there certainly are classes for such beginners, other classes cater to those simply looking to better their voice or improve their approach. And classes still aren’t limited to these areas. Take a look at the list of classes below to see which one may best suit you:

  • Fundamentals: Just like it sounds, with voice over fundamentals, you’ll learn the basics of VO, which can be great for beginners considering a career as a voice talent. Of course, you can find classes geared more towards intermediates and those looking to fine-tune their voice and skills.

  • Recording: Every aspiring voice talent needs a demo reel, and a class for such could be very beneficial. Here you’ll get help creating a proper demo and get to spend some time in the studio for quality recordings.

  • Industry: Everybody needs a little self promotion at some point or another. Which is why a course focusing on industry trends and marketing strategies could really pay off.

Beneficial for Every Level of Talent

All in all, voice over classes can help voice talents of all types. There’s always room for improvement and taking classes from professional voice coaches will help you gain insight, whether that helps you get started in VO or progresses your career. For instance, a perfect voice and great technique can easily go unnoticed amongst the countless demos and submissions out there. By learning the industry and strong marketing skills, you can better promote yourself and start landing gigs. And, needless to say, any beginner can benefit from the fundamentals of VO, as this knowledge is essential to starting a career in VO.

Are Classes Right For You?

No matter your experience, voice over classes could be just what you need to get your VO career of the ground and start landing jobs. Whether that’s promo gigs or even working as a voice talent with CMD, your next job could be waiting! For more information and to sign up for vocal lessons, check out The Voice Shop

Wondering what it takes to become an established voice talent? Check out our voice talent page today to get an idea of the many areas of VO you can work in! If you ever have questions or comments, feel free to reach out and contact us here. You can also give us a call at 212.213.9420.