Podcasts For Your Business:

Using Podcasts To Deliver Information


Podcasts have become ubiquitous for delivering entertainment, news and information. What started as a medium to record and distribute interviews and other forms of spoken word has blossomed into an open-ended format for people to deliver all kinds of stories and information.

At CMD, we help producers create and record podcasts at our state-of-the-art voice over recording studios. And we’re seeing a developing trend - businesses are using podcasts more and more to communicate and disseminate information for both public consumption as well as private internal use.

Public or Private?

A publicly available podcast will serve to distribute helpful industry information for anyone to benefit from, and, equally important from a marketing point of view, increase brand recognition for the company that produces the podcast. On the other hand, businesses that have more confidential information intended solely for their employees produce podcasts that are available only for internal consumption. Many organizations have found that employees are motivated to listen to podcasts (or watch video podcasts) to learn about new procedures and requirements, or receive training on new techniques.

CMD’s Podcasts

To give some examples, the following are a few of the more recent podcast series that we’ve been working on:

  • JPMorgan Chase produces Tech Trends, a podcast for commercial banking that showcases the latest innovations in emerging technology. Tech Trends is a traditional interview-style podcast with a regular host who interviews different guests for each episode.

  • KPMG distributes TWIST (This Week In State Tax) a podcast by tax professionals that keep listeners up to date on the latest development in tax law. TWIST is a solo podcast made up of multiple short segments, where each segment details a specific law and describes how the development affects that region. Both Tech Trends and TWIST are available to the public.

  • And we cannot divulge the identity of a podcast series that we recently worked on for a global management consulting firm. They produced a series of audio and video podcasts used internally to train their employees in safe and secure practices to avoid internet viruses, malware and hacks. This series is an example of an audio magazine podcast - a full production was used to tell the story of a family whose smart home was hacked into by a criminal organization and were held for ‘identity ransom’. Very dramatic, and very effective.

Video Podcasts & Photo Shoots

Another growing trend is to shoot video & photographs of the talent involved in the audio podcast. Here at CMD, our large and comfortable lounge, reception, and studios are the ideal environment to capture visuals that can be used to market your podcast. Create a video teaser for social media sites; use stills for press releases; live stream your podcast event; or even shoot video of the entire podcast and release a unique video podcast version. Here’s a video teaser for the UBS podcast “Future Of Mobility” with Nico Rosberg and Professor Donald Sadoway, produced by Monocle 24:

Perhaps your organization will consider producing a podcast to better deliver information to your employees or to the public. Keep in mind that you can easily distribute your podcast publicly, strengthening your brand at the same time. If you would like any help producing your podcast or would like to discuss time and costs involved, please email our producers at info@cmdnyc.com. We are here to help make your audio the best it can be!