How to Land Voice Over Jobs in NYC

The voice over industry is filled with prominent figures and well-known names, making landing voice over jobs in New York City frightening for many new voice over talents. While the nature of the business can be intimidating, we are here to help you learn how to land voice over jobs as well as provide tips and tricks for new voice over actors.

At CMDNYC, we aim to provide voice over actors an outlet to publish and share their demo reels, as well as provide an easy to navigate directory for companies to choose the talent that best suits their brand. Additionally, we are here to provide voice over tips and tricks to help new actors land voice over jobs all over the country, including right here in New York City.

How to Land a Voice Over Job

Landing your first ever voice over job can be an exciting moment, but getting to this point requires a lot of time and energy. If you are just barely getting your feet wet in the voice over industry, you might want to consider taking some introductory courses from the Voice Shop at CMD, which is located conveniently in our Manhattan studio space. We offer classes for all voice over experience levels, and we even have an online option for those outside of New York City.

While voice over classes can benefit you, you should also practice your voice over skills daily and listen to established actors share their own tips, tricks, and breathing exercises. This can help you improve your skills, and learn exercises than can give you a leg up on the competition.

Record a Voice Over Demo

Once you have learned some tips and tricks to improve your skills, you will need to create a voice over demo and submit it to CMDNYC and other voice over directories. This will allow brands to find you easily online and reach out to you directly. Also, you will want to keep your eye open for voice over casting auditions in New york City. Even if you don’t land these jobs, they can prove to be a worthwhile networking opportunity.

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Whether you are in need of a talented voice over actor, or are looking for a place to submit your demo reel, CMDNYC is here to help. Contact us today for more information.

Recording Studio in NYC

When it comes to media production, sound quality is critically important. Radio and podcast interviews can help businesses grow their brand. Over 50 million Americans listen to radio each week, and podcast listenership has increased 23% from last year. People care about audio, and your business deserves to partner with the best recording studio in NYC.

Creative Media Design offers a wide selection of voice over talent. We make it our business to find the best international talent. Visit our website and listen to the hundreds of recorded sound bites. With over two decades of casting experience, we have exactly what your brand needs. To find out if we have the right talent for you, call 212.213.9240 for a free consultation.

Premier Manhattan Recording Studio

At CMD, our mission is to bring authenticity to your message by producing quality audio. Our beautiful studio is located in the heart of midtown Manhattan near the Empire State Building. Our Pro Tools HD rooms are fully equipped to record voice over, ADR, narration, and video game audio. Our international talent can connect to the studio via ISDN or Source Connect. No matter the project, the experts at CMD will cast, record, and mix quality voice over.

Our penthouse recording studio is located on West 37th street, and it’s complete with a kitchen and lounge area. Clients who need to get some work done at the studio can do so with our private offices equipped with iMacs and wifi. If you’re looking to expand your brand through media production, quality audio is critical. For an obligation free consultation or a tour of our space, call 212.213.9420.

CMD Services

As a company that specializes in voice over recording, we have a diverse selection of services that can help expand your marketing reach through quality audio production. Finding the right talent can be difficult, and having the right casting services can vastly improve the quality of your audio. At CMD, we are the experts at finding voice over talent. After finding the best voice for your company, we record and mix the audio to fit your production needs. If you need music, video looping, radio interviews, or voice over coaching, CMD is right for you.

Building a brand requires extensive use of media platforms. Most productions require sound, and a voice can generate customer trust. Call us today to consult with our experts about what kind of voice will best get your company message across. No matter the niche, we have the best voice for you.

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Voice Overs for Podcasts

The right voice can make or break your podcast. Like any types of media production, audio quality is critically important. As the podcast industry continues to grow, consumers are more particular than ever about sound quality. If your business is looking to grow its brand by advertising on podcasts or creating a channel of your own, finding quality voice over work is a vital first step.

At Creative Media Design, our goal is to bring authenticity to your message with quality voice and sound. We are constantly innovating and cultivating new talent. For the last decade, we’ve successfully produced and mixed audio for companies like NBC, Google, ESPN, Nike and more. We are an integrated service with premiere audio studios that cast, record, and mix voice overs. If you’re looking to build your brand through media production, call CMD at 212.213.9420.

How to Choose the Right Voice Over Talent

As a company that specializes in voice over recording, we have a wide range of talent that will best suit your customer needs. If you are market a specific audience and think that a particular voice will best get your message across, browse our diverse and extraordinary talent. By selecting a category of voice such as male, female, urban, or several foreign language accents, you will be able to further specify your marketing reach.

Finding the right talent can be overwhelming. Brand building has several moving parts, and finding the best voice over may seem insignificant. However, voices that foster trust make for more effective advertising. Podcasting is a growing industry that businesses are using to develop trust among a specific audience. A voice is more human than a print or banner ad, and it can effectively bypass buyer hesitations and convince them to pay attention to your business.

How Podcasting Can Grow Your Business

One in five Americans listen to podcasts every month. Between 2015 and 2016, 23% more people listened to podcasts, and since 2013, podcast listenership has grown by 75%. Businesses looking to reach more people need to give their brand a voice on podcasts. Quality audio will connect you with an audience and community. If you’d like to take advantage of the growing podcast industry, peruse our website to find your favorite voice actor.

Launch a Podcast Marketing Campaign With CMD

Podcasts offer a large increase in demographic reach for businesses looking to extend their marketing campaigns. There are great opportunities for new engagement, and businesses who take advantage of podcast marketing will see an increase in sales and revenue. To make a podcast media tour successful, you need quality voice over work. With years of industry experience and a diverse portfolio of talent, CMD will help your business tell its story.

How to Write a Script for a Podcast

As podcasts rise in popularity, more businesses have opportunities to advertise and conduct interviews using audio media. This emerging platform enables businesses to use quality sound technology and genuine talent to share their message. In order to effectively advertise, you need a strong strategy and a well-thought-out script. This script should focus on the overall direction of your brand message and include interview questions that match the demands of your target audience.

When developing a podcast script, first consider your audience. Effective podcast marketing addresses the audience and discusses what interests them. In the age of SEO and Google, 30% of B2B companies use books and 22% use podcasts for marketing. There is no shortage of opportunity in the podcast industry. In order to stand out from the rest, you need a high-quality script. If you are looking to launch a podcast marketing campaign or feature a product on an existing podcast, Creative Media Design is here to help.

Since 1998, our premiere audio studios have cast, recorded, and mixed quality sound production. We have a diverse selection of talented artists to help your script come to live with authentic sound and voice. Broadcast advertising has an edge on print ads because hearing a human voice is more persuasive than reading an ad. Our professionals are masters of inflection and tone, and they provide the ideal platform to tell your business’s story.

How to Choose the Right Voice for Your Script

Podcast marketing is similar to radio in that the most effective marketing campaigns happen when businesses direct their message to a specific audience. Writing a quality script requires businesses to select an approach that best fits their target market. The next step is then to match the audience with the speaker. Check out CMD’s talent page to hear clips of our diverse lineup of talent.

Choosing a professional voice actor will enable your message to engage a larger audience. At CMD, we will help you develop the right voice for your business. Marketing is about telling stories, and we understand the importance of matching the voice with how you want your advertisement to reach the audience. Whether the tone of your script is more formal and professional, or casual and transparent, our voice talent will bring it to life.

Mapping your script and carefully choosing an audience will make your marketing campaign effective. Write the script like a speaker. Use short sentences. Make it sound the way people sound in everyday conversation. You may have a limited amount of time, but make sure the script reads exactly how you want it to sound.

Let’s Tell a Story Together

We take audio quality seriously. Choose a talented professional to read your next script. Call 212.213.9420 to schedule an appointment.

Voice Over Script Versioning

Voice Over Script Versioning

In our modern world, it is easier than ever to communicate and spread awareness of your business in various countries. Our global community has become easier to navigate, especially with the internet available at our fingertips. This presents businesses with the ability to target audiences with ease, however, voice over script versioning is necessary.

With CMD, you have access to some of the most established talents in the voice over industry. Our team of experts can help you write a quality script, and version it for you as well. With script versioning, we translate your voice over into foreign languages and accents that will help your brand grow and evolve.

Script Versioning: Foreign Languages and Accents

Creating different versions of your voice over script is essential when targeting audiences in various countries. For example, if you are expanding your business overseas in France, you will need a script versioned correctly to ensure the correct word choice and vernacular are used.

In some cases, you may not need a new language produced, but rather a different accent that will appeal to a new audience better. Luckily, with CMD, we can also provide you with a list of demo reels from established voice over talents with a proven ability to focus on the accent you need for your production.

Advantages of Script Versioning

The main advantage you stand to reap form script versioning with CMD is enhanced quality while using one video production. Once you have a quality commercial or advertisement filmed, simply have the script versioned to the language or accent you need and replace the original voice over with the versioned copy. This can also save you time and money as you don’t have to have new visuals produced.

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Whether you are in need of a foreign language or an accent versioned for your voice over script, we are here to help. Contact us today by calling our Manhattan studio at 212.213.9420.

French Canadian Voice Over

Especially in Canada, French Canadian voice over talents are highly sought after. Many companies will choose a French voice over actor or actress for their French Canadian voice over needs, but this can cause inconsistencies.  In short, when looking for a French Canadian voice over talent, listen to demo reels and bring them in for an audition. 

Voice overs need to accurately depict your brand, and choosing the right talent for the job is paramount. With CMD, you are sure to have a wide range of options in choosing the best French Canadian voice over talent for your production.

Choosing Your Voice Over Talent

Before you begin recording, mixing, and creating your production, you will need to choose the French Canadian voice over talent you want to use. There are a number of aspects of your production to consider when choosing your talent, including: 

  • Brand Tone: Are you looking for an authoritative tone, or something more pleasing or passive? Does a male voice or a female voice fit your brand best? Think of what your audience would expect to hear from your brand when choosing your voice over talent.   
  • Experience: Often times, experienced voice over talents can be pricey compared to someone just getting started. You will need to consider how important is experience in your production.
  • Fluency: When choosing a foreign language voice over talent, you will want to ensure they are fluent in the language you are looking for. For example, and as mentioned before, French Canadian voice overs differ greatly from French voice over and you will want to ensure the talent you choose can provide the correct language you need. 

Find French Canadian Voice Over Talent with CMD

When you work with CMD to find the right voice over talent for your production, you are choosing the best voice over actors and actresses  in the industry. 

In addition to French Canadian talent, we have a wide range of different voice over accents and languages for you to choose from, complete with demo reels.  

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Whether you are in need of a French Canadian voice over talent, or any other type of voice over needs, CMD in New York CIty is here to help. Contact us today and we will help you get your production started on the right path.

The Voices Of VO


Today's interview features VO talent, screen actor, director, teacher, and all around cool human, Marcel, who hails from a small village called Luceville located in Quebec, Canada. Marcel has been working with CMD since 2009 and records VO for many French Canadian and American English projects.

Check out our interview below to learn how he got his start in VO, and the benefits and challenges of being a VO actor.

CMD: How did you decide to get into VO, did you do some acting as a kid?

Marcel: Yeah, I did some acting as a teenager, a lot of clowning and improve, stuff like that. When I got to New York I wanted to get into voice over because I knew Spanish and French.  I saw an ad for this Calvin Klein ad on Backstage, so I did three little demos with a tape deck. I booked the job and because of that I got into SAG and just continued with it. My agency CESD, who I was with for commercials, has a huge VO department. So one day I just knocked on their door, and I've been working with them for the past 16-17 years. So I kind of got into VO from the acting, and then realized there would be another way of going to work and not having to shave.

CMD: Do people ever tell you have a face for voice over?

Marcel: It's funny because I mumble a lot, but when I do voice overs I don't, it's a very different style of acting. I come from Strasberg and Meisner and you know Strasberg has that reputation of being in the moment, but it's a different style, it's more. You only have your voice to convey these intentions as opposed to your physical body. So it was very interesting at the beginning. I was trying to feel these ads, so now I realize it's more of a style of acting, just punctuating, and really coming at it from a different standpoint.

CMD: Yeah, I actually just sat in on the Fundamentals of VO class, a techniques class that the Voice Shop has. I personally don't have much experience with VO work, so just sitting in on that class and understanding what it takes to deliver was really eye opening for me. VO acting really is a whole body experience even though it's just audio that's being recorded.

Marcel: Yeah, you have to be really expressive because you only have one tool. What I find fascinating is that I'll see my reflection in the booth, and you're overacting in a sense because you want to make sure that… it would look like overacting if there was a camera there, but you're just making sure that you get the right tonality. I use my hands a lot when I do it just to make sure I punctuate certain things or stress them, or tone up & tone down if that makes any sense. So once I was like "okay, I'm not acting for the camera" then it was very freeing, then I developed a way of falling into it.

CMD: I guess in a sense you're not really limited by anything when doing VO.

Marcel: Yeah, once you realize there's not a camera, that's great!

CMD: So I know with us you do a lot of commercial reads, have you ever tried another genre? And do you have a personal favorite that you tend to do more?

Marcel: I've done industrials, these long audio books, cartoon stuff, animation, and sometimes just descriptive things like documentaries. Commercials are fun because there are different challenges. If you're doing cartoons, you have that voice which you have to keep for longer periods of time, which can put a strain on the voice. Then there are the long records, it's exhausting because you have to focus and you have to be in that style of acting for so long.

CMD: Like sounding the same the whole way through?

Marcel: Yeah, which is challenging in a different way. Sometimes there's such a concise script that has to be very specific, as opposed to the audiobooks where it doesn't have to be as specific, so sometimes that can be a challenge, but I like all of them because they're fun for different reasons. The cartoons are fun because they're silly, and it's like "WAAH! Oh okay, that's too much." And the audiobooks are fun because you get to read a book at the same time, or you learn certain things that you didn't know about.

CMD: Speaking of challenges, what would you say is the most challenging project you've had to do if there's one that comes to mind?

Marcel: The most challenging one was this VO I did for a non-profit which was an 8-hour day. This was really hard was 8 hours. I was the voice of the pope.

CMD: The pope?

Marcel: Yeah it was challenging because it was a long session. It was in Connecticut too, so it was a train ride there and a train ride back.  There was a lot of translating religious vocabulary, which was redundant. A lot of times there's not really that many challenging or annoying projects. Sometimes you do have a client that wants something very specific, and you want to make sure you get that for them, so that can be challenging. Sometimes you have clients that are like, “yeah, the sounds good” so you want to make sure you get what they want. For example, with Bob (CMD's head engineer), he knows me, so recording is really easy. I record and move on, so that's great. But sometimes you have clients who have a harder time directing, and I have a harder time understanding what they're saying because I'm not used to their terminology. That can be challenging, but once it gets going it's fine.

CMD: I was having a discussion with Bob and one of our older VO actors about how in newer & younger companies there isn't always a VO Director present. Because of this, some clients aren't familiar with how to effectively direct audio. It takes an extensive vocabulary. A client can't tell an actor to "sound happier," and expect to get what they want right off the bat.

Marcel: There are weird terms that just don't come in acting. When I direct acting, it's like, what's the beat? What's the objective? What do you want? What do you need? The objective in VO isn't as clear. So it's more about using these subtle words. Once you have that image and you connect to it, then it's easier. But yeah it gets a little tricky there sometimes because "softer" to one person means one thing, and "softer" to another person means a different thing. I'm a fan of just trying things and seeing what works.

CMD: Is there a certain project you've worked on that has been exciting or interesting?

Marcel: I've done a lot of ADR work, which is really fun. I just did ADR for Super Troopers 2.

CMD: What's that?

Marcel: Super Troopers is this really crass, funny over the top screwball comedy. It was really challenging because, it's improv, but voice over at the same time. Voice over is usually so subtle and you're really making sure you hit those tones. And for Super Troopers, you're in a big room, there are a bunch of other actors, the director’s there, and it's a little bit more nerve racking. You have to make these big improv commitments and back them up. And you have to be loud too, so it's a very different way of expressing oneself in the medium. That one was really fun because it was so silly and they allowed us to go for it. Those are fun because you can hear yourself in the movie. I was in another movie called "Dabka", which was really interesting. There was an animation showing how Somali pirates get onto a ship, and I got to play the French captain. They needed me to do French improv, but not say any French words. So it was like (gibberish in French accent). It was fun because I've never done that gibberish of a language, cartoon and loud, and ADR in front of a bunch of people. So that was the most fun thing, because it was a comedy, as opposed to really making sure my VO sells the non-drowsy Tylenol. But all of them are fun because there are different challenges in each one. There's no genre that I don't like or that I like so much more, but comedies are so fun.

CMD: What do you love most about voice over work?

Marcel: The fact that I don't have to shave, it's one hour at a time, and it's lucrative. Yeah!

CMD: I think that's the biggest appeal to voice over work -- you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Marcel: I've done some work at home and it's very easy to squeeze it in your schedule. The finances are obviously very appealing, and the comfortability is just great, and there's also a sense of completion. When you work on a film it takes a long time to see your work. With VO, you know right away and you hear it at the end. It's like when you're moving stuff. It's boring to move things, but there's a sense of having done something, an accomplishment, take something off a list.

CMD: What are your hobbies outside of VO?

Marcel: Mainly acting and directing for films. I play music; I used to play music in a band.

CMD: Oh cool, what do you play?

Marcel: I used to play bass, but now I play mainly guitar and sing, acoustic-y sad songs for myself. But in this band it was British rock it was called "Hot Seconds." It was just loud, fast, and fun. So music is nice. I read a lot of books and watch movies that are black and white and foreign.

CMD: So artsy!

Marcel: Yeah that's kind of the stuff I like to do. I drink wine.

CMD: You sound so cultured, so French.

Marcel: Yeah I sound snooty; I'm not trying to sound like that.

CMD: Last question! Do you have any advice for people looking to get into voice over work?

Marcel: Just practice, practice and practice. I used to read Shakespeare sonnets. Like once a week I would pick one on Monday, and every morning I would wake up and read that sonnet out loud, by the end of the week I understood it, but I would also work on my diction. There's also this book ‘The American Reader' which has all these famous American speeches from Lincoln, to Bob Dylan to Martin Luther King. So I would read those speeches out loud and get used to just reading copy cold. I've been doing it for fifteen years now which is crazy, and you get to a point where you're just comfortable walking into a room, and you're not nervous, and you breathe, and you're able to listen when they (clients) give you advice, notes, or direction. Don't be afraid to ask questions when they give you direction to make sure you get it specifically and understanding you're on the same page to save time. But it was practice, and practice, and practice, and breathing, and really breaking down scripts, and even watching commercials, or listening to commercials and seeing the different tones from different shows, from different mediums of voice over if that makes any sense.

But those would be the main things. And obviously speech classes, Shakespeare classes I highly recommend, that would definitely help, it can't hurt. And then just recording stuff on your own with Garage Band, or Logic or Pro Tools, or whatever you have at home and listening to it and getting used to hearing your own voice. Our voices sound different to ourselves because of the vibrations in our skulls, I find the eyes are the same too. But when you really hear yourself, you can see it's clear, "ok I was too breathy there, I was running after the breath, I wasn't really on the rhythm of my breath," you can really hear the difference and then adjust. And smoke a lot of cigarettes, it's really good for the voice [Laughing].

CMD: Smoke a lot of cigarettes; drink a lot of dairy. [Laughing]

Marcel: Bananas before a VO session are the best. [Laughing]

To see a photo of Marcel chillin' in our studio lobby, visit our Instagram. Thanks to Marcel for speaking with us!

More resources for The Voice Shop and CMD

The Voice Shop is CMD’s voice over coaching and education initiative. Our mission at The Voice Shop is to help new and experienced VO artists establish and develop the skills necessary to succeed as a voice over professional. For VO classes ranging from the fundamentals of VO to how to nurturing and caring for your voice, check out The Voice Shop.

CMD is an audio post house and VO studio located in NYC. If you are an experienced voice talent who would like to join our roster, we invite you to complete our New Talent Form for consideration.

The Voices of VO

Our next featured guest is VO extraordinaire G.K.. Since 2009, G.K. has worked with CMD on a multitude of promo spots, specifically for sporting events with the NBA and USTA.

Still buzzing from recording a high-energy spot for World Tennis Day, G.K. and I took a moment to unwind and talk about his life as a professional VO artist.

CMD:  Where did you grow up?

GK: I grew up half an hour outside of the city in New Rochelle, a little city in Westchester. It was far enough away from the city to have that house-with-a-backyard kind of life but also very close to the city so whenever I needed a city fix it was just a 30-minute drive or 40-minute train ride.

CMD:  How did you decide to get into VO?

GK: It was a thing that I fell into. Long story short my dad is in radio working as a DJ for about four decades now. When I was in school I looked into acting and modeling gigs and I guess somewhere along the way I learned that I had a face for radio. And then boom! I met up with a voice over coach and made a demo and I’m still turning a profit from that demo years and years later. It was the greatest return on an investment I’ve ever had. It’s given me a career that’s lead to opportunities for on camera hosting and all the things I originally wanted to do. It’s the greatest blessing of my adult life.

CMD: That’s awesome that your dad was an inspiration for your career. How did he get into radio and were you involved with the studio at all?

GK: My dad went to high school with Bob Marley and they were close friends. When Bob Marley and the Wailers started making it big they’d ask my dad to be their MC when they came through the northeast. So that led my dad to a radio job as a DJ playing reggae. He was the only guy in NY doing reggae at 107.5 WBLS. And then from there he created his own show, which would play at a nightclub where he had a recording studio and satellite connection. I would visit him all the time and I used to be a guest host here and there. Serious hands on training!

CMD: So it sounds like you’ve been doing VO work for a long time. Looking back on your experiences what would you consider your biggest accomplishment?

GK: I guess my success came in stages. Especially when you’re a kid and you see your first paycheck and you realize you can make money off of VO work. So my small gigs grew into consistent clients and some of them grew into different projects. You know, there are TV commercials but there are also promos, audio books, animation, etc. I guess everyone’s goal is to be the voice of something. I’m happy to say that I’ve done everything you can do in the VO world at least once.

CMD:  What do you think has been your favorite genre in the VO industry?

GK: If I had to narrow it down to one it would be commercials. Both from an on-screen actor’s standpoint and a voice actor’s standpoint commercials are probably some of the coolest things you can do. I’m not a very ‘hey look at me’ kind of person so voice over is great for that. The thing about a commercial is that it can come on anytime anywhere without any fair warning. If I was on the TV show I’d have to swallow my pride a little bit and be like ‘hey guys not sure if you’re doing anything, but if you’re really bored and you really feel like it, do you mind checking out this show at this time, on this channel, and look for me?’ But commercials just show up in people’s lives at any moment. Sometimes people I know actually recognize my voice.  I did an exciting record a couple years ago for Sprite featuring Lebron James. The spot was about people being different and original. It was produced well with a real budget so I think that’s the best commercial I’ve done.

CMD:  What’s the most challenging project you’ve had to record?

GK: Those are usually the long form spots. I’m the voice and on camera host for a STEM math program with Scholastic. So every now and then I have to come in and rerecord the audio because they come up with new test questions. However, I’m very math deficient so I basically have to trick kids into thinking that I know math and I really don’t. So that type of work is challenging. I’ve done a lot of long form presentations for financial service companies. Often the copy is so bland which makes the record challenging, but it’s all rewarding. I don’t think I’ve ever done a VO gig that I wished I hadn’t done.

CMD: What do you love most about VO work?

GK: It’s very convenient in a lot of ways. It’s a new age, so you can do a lot of recordings from your in-home studio if you have one. It’s weird; I’ve made a lot of money in my bedroom not wearing much clothing, but not in a morally questionable way.

CMD: What are your hobbies outside of VO?

GK: I’m usually in hustle mode most of the time so I’m either acting, hosting or doing stand up. Right now I have a podcast. It’s called The Julian and G.K. Podcast. If you’re a wresting fan you’ll love it. Other than that, I play basketball, I work out, and I listen to a lot of music. In a perfect world I’d also be a signer/songwriter.

CMD: Do you have any advice for people looking to get into VO?

GK: You have to do what you like. And you have to do what you’re good at. I think that’s making the best use of your time. I did a lot of corporate America work while I was doing VO on the side, but it took years for me to figure out that I could make VO a real fulltime career. I wish I were the kind of person that can work a 9 to 5 five days out of the week hoping to not be challenged. Unless you got it made in the shade you have to work and if you don’t like your work then you probably don’t enjoy your life too much. That’s what corporate America taught me and I’ve been on this mission ever since to hustle and make VO my career and keep it my career. I have a lot of places like CMD to thank for that. VO isn’t the most tangible thing in the world but when you’re around creative people and it’s a nice environment good things happen, and I really think CMD is a testament to that. Anybody who’s willing to give us actors a shot whether it goes far or doesn’t you’re not going to regret trying. VO is an amazing thing to do.  

To listen to The Julian and G.K. Podcast for free, download it at the Apple Store here, or check it out on Youtube here. To see a photo of G.K. hanging out in our studio lobby, visit our Instagram. Thanks to G.K. for speaking with us!

More resources for The Voice Shop and CMD

The Voice Shop is CMD’s voice over coaching and education initiative. Our mission at The Voice Shop is to help new and experienced VO artists establish and develop the skills necessary to succeed as a voice over professional. For VO classes ranging from the fundamentals of VO to how to build a home studio, check out The Voice Shop.

CMD is an audio post house and VO studio located in NYC. If you are an experienced voice talent who would like to join our roster, we invite you to complete our New Talent Form for consideration.